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PCBA was swollen after SMD

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 11 06:27:07 EDT 2021 | danisa

Hi all, The PCBA was swollen after SMD It is hard PCBA with 6 layers and SMD both sides Defect rate: ~ 5% Phenomenon: swell at the same side, same position (at 2 IC positions). Did not find any abnormality in SMD process as well as storage condition.

QFP soldering issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 15 15:08:43 EST 2004 | mrmaint

Are your qfp's being stored properly. I have seen this in the past and it turned out to be a moisture issue. We saw most of the problems on the corners. The component would swell during the reflow process thus lifting the corners. After baking the re

TQFN Solder Issues (56 contact) ZF

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 23 17:33:42 EDT 2009 | grizzy

Check that you are following the moisture sensitivity requirements for the part. I've seen the part swell underneath. You can contact me at wenroth@reconsales.com for more information. I am an 'ol reflow guy from the CM world. Wes

Dispensable peelable solder mask

Electronics Forum | Fri May 21 09:48:30 EDT 2010 | tomg_fla

Am looking for a dispensable water soluble solder mask or peelable solder mask that can be dispensed and be run through a reflow oven with no swelling or degradation. Any leads on any materials or manufacturers to contact?

Dispensable peelable solder mask

Electronics Forum | Mon May 24 12:05:53 EDT 2010 | deanm

Did you try Techspray Wondermask W? It is water soluble and can probably be transferred from the bottle to an EFD type syringe for dispensing (we use the P and the PL that way). As far as if it will swell through the reflow, I don't know. We don't us

Solder mask peel from traces, post wave solder. Etchant residue?

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 29 07:31:03 EDT 2014 | vitrost

Hi, We had experienced very similar issue on boards of a certain PCB manufacturer. Field experiments showed that the solder mask of this manufacturer is prone to swelling and peeling after it was in contact with our water-based flux. When you switc

Defect of the Month - Solder Squeeze Out

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 07 12:04:11 EST 2019 | davef

Over the years, Bob has contributed many videos and pictures that have help identify and solve production issues. I recall a vid of a bug-up BGA being heated to liquious that showed the balls swelling in the heat to the level that they bridged. Bril

Re: stencil epoxy debonding

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 17:26:33 EDT 2000 | Steve Thomas

As I understand it, though, a 90 sec. 75F wash and a 15 second rinse (plus the lift cycle, another 10 secs., perhaps) at a MAX. of 110F isn't supposed to be nearly enough of a swing to swell that epoxy or expand the foil. According to my contacts at

Best way to ensure max solder load on SOIC w Thermal Pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 16:19:51 EST 2010 | davef

The 5 thou standoff of your SOIC is probably the minimum. We wouldn't be surprised to see 10 thou. With this, you could have maybe a 6 thou gap between printed solder paste and the bottom of the heat slug. So, you're expecting the rabbit ears of p

0402 pick problems

Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 08:40:18 EDT 2001 | toolman

hi kris well 0.02 cents south african money is a lot less. but anyway we have a customer with 3 lines all lines are the same equipment and we have had major problems with 0402s .on some manf reels .as a test we moved one reel around and the problem m

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