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First time with reflow oven....

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 11 16:27:18 EST 2003 | Chad

Currently we hand-assemble all prototypes, usually quantities less than ten. I mentioned the 5 to 50 number because a client will occasionally request more than ten, which has been handled previously by using an outside contract manufacturer (we are

SMT soldering reliability life (BGA)

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 29 08:47:55 EDT 2004 | Peppe

Davef, my email is : peppe_ten@libero.it Regards, Peppe

Paste printing, acceptable tolerance ?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 30 16:02:04 EDT 2006 | slthomas

Do a dirty DoE...print ten boards with the worst error you think you can accept, build them up, and count print related defects. At the same time, print ten spot-on and proceed the same. If you don't have any more defects on the off-print batch show

Cyber Optics SE300

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 26 07:45:33 EST 2013 | cyber_wolf

We have had a 300 for about three years. The mechanicals are pretty solid, but the software has much to be desired in my opinion. It is not intuitive.You have to drill into several layers and navigate all over the place to make simple changes. Mecha


Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 00:26:58 EDT 2008 | bobwillis

Bob Willis' Top Ten Reference Books Here is a new list of "Bob Willis' Top Ten" reference books that has been updated for 2007 to take into account recent changes in technology. In the publishing industry there are many charts and awards for the bes

Dover Coporation selling Vitronics Soltec

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 01 09:04:24 EDT 2006 | Cmiller

I believe that the reason Dover did not sell Dek is not so much based on its actual profitability but because the profits it does make are stable. I think Dek makes about 60% or its revenue on stencils and other consumables that are still in demand r

BGA shorts

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 14 16:45:01 EST 2001 | Antonio

I'm sorry, I should clarify. The average is one out of six boards. It's not consistant as to how many are good before a really bad one. Sometimes two in a row, sometimes ten. Right now we are wiping every 2 boards. Antonio

COB and wire bond

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 03 12:51:17 EDT 2002 | V.RAMANAND KINI

We are doing COB operations for nearly ten years. Pls. write to me if you need info on m/c selection, type of PCB, plating etc., Thanks V.RAMANAND KINI...03.06.02

BGA excursion placed by IP3

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 18 00:53:09 EDT 2002 | Gang shen

we are surprised to find that ten BGA chips are excursion one line on the board,together the IP3 placed 600 BGA ,it really confused me.anyone have any suggestion for the reason? the BGA IS 20*20-16*16,pitch is 1.27.

Manufacturing breakthroughs?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 04 06:50:20 EDT 2003 | welsh

With so much Miniaturisation over the last ten years,one kind of non-stop breakthough will be the size of components placed so accuratly and in such large volumes. And the ongoing problems arising from everything getting smaller. What about Tracebil

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