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Flexi boards and uBGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 06 13:36:37 EDT 2006 | SWAG

We've had much trouble with flex circuits. As previously mentioned, you must have local fids for the board or the BGA itself (if panelized). Other troubles we experience are drilled holes for pinned connectors. Unless the PCB manufactur has some w

Flexi boards and uBGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 07 03:27:31 EDT 2006 | dougs

Hi folks, thanks for all the tips. We have run our first batch of these flexi boards now. I had the PCB suppliers make me some 1.6mm FR4 carriers to lay the boards on to carry them through the process. (1 flat & 1 with cutouts for the second side)

Manufacturing and test room cleanliness

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 05 10:12:32 EST 2007 | slthomas

The use of booties isn't required per se, just considered a standard step necessary to reach the 10,000 target. You also need to vacuum (central vac system, NOT exhausting into the room) daily, mop weekly, have a one piece floor, blah, blah, blah....

warped boards and cracked solder joints

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 29 18:21:43 EST 2001 | slthomas

We recently have received a lot of warped (bowed and/or twisted behond IPC 600 specs.) bare boards (some our fabricator's fault, some ours by design) and I can't help but figure that long term reliability will suffer when building product with them.

AOI, Quality and SPC

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 04 16:50:56 EST 2003 | msivigny

Hello Rohan, this is starting to date nearly 6 years ago but I will remember everything I can, we used a custom interface to input data and everything was stored in a very large database on a specific server only for quality data, I think we used Ora

Flux Designations and Composition

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 12 11:35:27 EDT 2004 | Pierre RICHARD

Here are some answers to my questions after a good research. I also added more definitions that could help understand this esoteric language used in assembly, specially surrounding fluxes and their use. In blue italics are comments and extracts from

What is gonna impact boards without silkscreen on quality and mf

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 22:12:41 EDT 2007 | davef

There is limited benefit to silk screen legends. They cost ~$45 a side per batch. There is benefit to some board users in having reference designator and orientation markings as an aid in test and repair actions. There is no reason these markings

What is gonna impact boards without silkscreen on quality and mf

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 17 10:50:15 EDT 2007 | Frank

I agree that the documentation should be used and not necessarily the silk screen. The silk screens can be a first line of defense, but nothing beats the proper documentation. Years ago I visited a contract manufacturer that a friend was working at

MPM Up2000 and SMEMA

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 14 02:41:49 EDT 2016 | bukas

here is well explained SMEMA interface http://www.daghee.com/?p=326 so, disconnect printer from upline modules and check are any 2 of 4 pins shortened(should be pins No 1 & 2) while machine is ready state. when machine is in busy state the same pin

AOI, Quality and SPC

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 06 11:37:17 EST 2003 | msivigny

Hello Phil, sorry for the confusion, because of our level of defect control and tracking at each process step, we did not use AOI systems at the time. We had a manual inspection station after reflow, then ICT and Functional/Final test for each produc

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