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TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 09 17:26:24 EDT 2017 | tanersavas

Hello, i need TWS Quadra Evo's feeders to buy

PickNPlace machine suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 24 12:34:49 EDT 2007 | resource

You could have look at LASER QUADRA Pick & Place Machine manufactured by TWS Automation, Italy (www.tws-automation.com). Its a small foot print, 3000CPH, 0402 capable, 20mil capable, BGA capable, machine with motorized feeders . Dispenser is an optio

I'am searching to buy TWS QUADRA's all spare parts. Pls Help me

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 12 10:20:09 EST 2019 | tibi

I have a TWS quadra used very little, stopped in stock for ten years now, if you're still interested I send you photos and answer any questions about it. Good day Tiberio

Quadra TWS - Software

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 17 06:59:26 EST 2020 | eddas

I wrote to TWS support few days ago, but no answer. How much did You paid and was it dificult to write everything to HDD?

Quadra TWS - Software

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 19 04:50:59 EST 2020 | samdee21

I found my hard disk was ok.. the software I paid £50 I documented everything at http://tws-quadra.co.uk/ Drop me an email at samdee21@gmail.com

Entry-Level PnP + BGA?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 29 10:44:48 EDT 2013 | stevevb

Greetings! TWS Automation has the perfect machine for your needs. The Quadra DVC is an inexpensive, vision system centered, 0201 capable, Pick & Place machine with 3300 cph max speed. A complete line, including a TWS Automation Stencil Printer and Re

TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 01 21:34:26 EDT 2015 | sarason

I have added the TWS Quadra format to my program PCBSynergy Which can be downloaded here. http://members.iinet.net.au/~sarason/ I have only just released this update in the last 2 weeks.But I wrote it about 8 months ago so all the details are fuzz

TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 27 04:34:10 EDT 2016 | marios1

hi all i have a quantra laser and 12 feder bank for sell

TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 26 12:51:33 EDT 2017 | japinst

Hello Have you sell it?

TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 27 01:47:20 EDT 2017 | marios1

Hello Have you sell it? hello the machine are still here

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