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Ultrasonic washing for boards

Electronics Forum | Tue May 10 15:58:11 EDT 2005 | r.s.matrix@gmail.com

just want to know the pcb of ultrasonic cealner to make a one

Cracked Joints & Ultrasonic Welding

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 01 09:57:18 EST 2005 | Chris

Hi, I am experiencing cracked solder joints on ceramic resonators after the ultrasonic plastic weld process. PCB assy is placed into plastic housing and then housing halves are ultrasonic welded. Not a soldering problem. I know this component is

nozzle cleaning GSM

Electronics Forum | Fri May 17 08:09:13 EDT 2013 | emeto

Ultrasonic Bath will be always your best choice. For cleaning solution you have to make more research. It will depend on your Nozzles material, company and ultrasonic bath requirements. For some ultrasonic baths alcohol might go in flames(some of the

Ultrasonic wash for BGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 10:25:13 EDT 2017 | davef

Consider ... * National Physical Laboratory (NPL) [http://www.npl.co.uk] did an extensive amount of research on proper frequencies and power levels for ultrasonic cleaning, maybe in late 1980s or early 1990s. That report might help you sort through

looking for cheap and useful solvent for ultrasonic stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 01 22:59:00 EST 1999 | jackie hsieh

dear all: we use the HCFC,manufactored by 3M,for the ultrasonic stencil cleaner.but it's too expensive to us. I think is it possible to use no-volatility liquid for the ultrasonic stencil cleaner? or other solvent? thank for your help jackie hsieh

Ultrasonic Board Cleanng

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 22 15:54:32 EDT 2011 | dyoungquist

Check out Zenith Ultrasonics. We bought a table top ultrasonic cleaner from them to clean our electronic assemblies. Our process has been working well for us for about 3 years now.

Ultrasonic wash for BGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 04 21:21:21 EDT 2017 | duchoang

For some reasons, we need to wash our BGA boards in ultrasonic washer in order to clean all flux residue under BGA. We use Ultrasonic cleaner with 40 KHz. Should we or shouldn't we do that. Pros and Cons ? Any idea appreciated.

Ultrasonic stencil cleaners

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 12 14:32:52 EDT 2001 | Mike Konrad

Hi, Maybe Yes� Maybe No� Actually, it most likely is acceptable to clean assembled boards in an ultrasonic cleaning system (40 kHz). There are some concerns in some circles about possible damage to wire bonds in components. There have been publi

Disadvantages of using the ultrasonic cleaners - PCB cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 22 13:10:51 EDT 2008 | bschreiber

The folowing articles are available at: http://www.smartsonic.com/article.html "Why Not Ultrasonic Cleaning?" by William Kenyon "Damage-Free Ultrasonically-Assisted Cleaning of Printed Circuit Assemblies" - by B.P. Richards et al "Does Ultrason

Leadfree dip soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 10:52:29 EDT 2005 | patrickbruneel

Hannu, First and for all I have a problem with your question "tried and trusted" for the simple reason that you are going to change too lead-free. Ultrasonic soldering or welding is not new, as far as I know it is only used applying the ultrasonic

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