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Cyberoptics Camera Repair

Jun 23, 2019 |

Tantalum caps “popcorn”

Apr 25, 2019 | Numerous technical papers on the web document the moisture sensitivity of tant caps. Here's one: htt

Merging BoM and XY Data

Feb 27, 2019 | SMT Maestro is the easiest to use by far, unfortunately it seems to have been wiped from the web.

Those the MY15 logs the jobs by date and time it was assembled. If yes how can I get to it .

Jan 23, 2019 | You can generate reports from the web-interface that runs on the server (or machine) that includes t

What is needed for UL ?

Aug 10, 2017 | Do not put something randomly together. Go to the UL web site. Ask them your questions. Do not on

Has anyone done breakaway tabs with v-score on both sides instead of mouse-bites?

Jul 26, 2017 | You are referring to the web left after the break, right? I figured it was possible, but I did

how to learn PCB design

Jun 16, 2017 |

RJ45 1X4 Way Connector

Feb 17, 2015 | Travel Direction Similar Part : http://nz.rs-online.com/web/p/rj45-connectors/8208205/ And we

BTU Paragon 150

Jun 3, 2013 |

paste Sn42/Bi58 and Lead Finish

Nov 3, 2012 | EricR: There's substantial information about the properties of solder alloys on the web. Here's an e

Un-reworkable Glue type

Aug 22, 2011 |

Paragon Blower failures

Dec 14, 2010 |

Using an air hose to clean stencils

Nov 5, 2010 | I agree that the tines (webs between apertures) can become damaged on fine pitch stencils from a bla


May 19, 2010 |

Hand Sanitizer

Nov 24, 2009 | RRLotion, you said you offer an antibacterial hand lotion. I looked at your web site and no where i

SMT OEE Calculator

Nov 8, 2009 | Excellent Web OEE calculator... For Ideal Cycle time we use to take Programming Cycle Time but in

Westek or Westkleen Aqueous Cleaners

Sep 3, 2009 | Trek Industries was purchased by Stoelting a few years ago. Even on Stoelting's web site, its hard

Programming Mydata

Aug 27, 2009 |

Programming Mydata

Aug 27, 2009 |

Swine Flu

Apr 30, 2009 |

Agilent 5DX

Feb 12, 2009 |

PCB Storage and FIFO

Sep 24, 2008 |

Criteria for storing finished SMT assemblies, shelf-life?

Sep 12, 2008 | There is no standard. On the web, you can find shelf life estimates for various types of solderabili

Dek Horizon 03i

Mar 6, 2008 |

Component Pin 1 marking

Mar 4, 2008 | Available on the web, JEDEC PUBLICATION 95, DESIGN GUIDE 4.14, Ball Grid Array Package (BGA), Figure

Epoxy application

Nov 29, 2007 | Henkel Loctite makes a hot melt just for this. Do a web search on Loctite Hot Melt and you can see

Resonator Cracking

Nov 17, 2007 |

C'mon now friends.. I know you can help here....

May 11, 2007 | Well...I should qualify my notes about the web based service... We were doing it about 6 years ag


Mar 16, 2007 | I noticed a difference in the specifications from the Japan web site to the US site. IPC9850 Speed i

PbF solder paste with 63Sn/37Pb reflow profile

Jan 23, 2007 | Check out the web sites of the major solder manufacturers. From a quick glance most of the pastes ar

reflow oven problem

Jan 19, 2007 |

Selective Conformal Coating System - GPD SimpleCoat

Used PCBA Equipment