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Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 12 00:55:02 EDT 2015 | edriansyah

Hi nhel, if you're talking about software back up. it's quite easy. normally when you're system are set by the SAKI tech, they will create a back up of the saki software. this is their standart procedure. mine were located on the My document. he put


Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 09 01:21:36 EDT 2015 | akon63

HII all Thanks for this post I have a SAKI AOI MACHINE But it is old . this is not properly work . I Don't known what is problem in it .

Required PCB data for Saki Voyager.

Electronics Forum | Tue May 24 11:31:53 EDT 2022 | joost

We bought a second hand Saki Voyager AOI machine, all the systems seem to be working but I need to import data to start scanning for errors on pcbs. Now we have never worked with an AOI machine and are at a loss What I think I need is: solder past


Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 14:58:52 EST 2007 | jhaviland

Another question. Did you also use the table Mirtec provides for the desktop models? They work horribly on even a slightly unstable table, Which is what I have seen. Very outstanding machines but crippled by an employers choice of using a standa


Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 14:26:12 EST 2007 | CL

Hello AR, Yes we are inspecting SMT that has been wave soldered. We are not inspecting solder on through hole components. We have actually found the solder inspector works better for wave solder SMT joints than reflowed. The system is great at ident

AOI, Questions that never die !

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 26 09:05:09 EDT 2008 | tony_d

Hello INGE FI, I know what you are going through. A few years back, I was faced with having to purchase AOI equipment for my business. My selection team and I looked at several different AOI manufacturers. We found that only two AOI vendors were sui


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