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Glenbrook Technologies X-Ray: Anyone using this??

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 23 11:00:30 EDT 2004 | jdumont

Hello all, yesterday we had a good demo of a X-Ray system from Glenbrook Technologies. I am simply looking for anyone who has one of their products in use to share some info with me. Things like maintenance, customer support, problems encountered..

x-ray systems

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 10:23:21 EST 2000 | g cronin

i am planning on implementing a new bga assembly and would like to have an x-ray system on hand during this process. I know that Glenbrook rents x-ray systems but the price is more per month than i would cost me to send out each PCB individually. D

BGA x-ray services 3D

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 14 12:39:31 EST 2010 | gregcr

Hi All, We have a glenbrook x-ray in house, but I am in need of a high resolution x-ray of some failed BGA image sensors. Does anyone know of a company that does hi-res or 3D x-ray service? We are not getting enough detail to really see what may be

Re: BGA Inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 18 13:39:21 EDT 1999 | John Thorup

A search of this forum will reveal the names of a number of providers of this service. If you are in process development, you can rent an X-ray machine from Glenbrook Technologies by the week. (

X-Ray Inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 04 07:19:37 EST 2010 | rajeshwara

Greetings, > > Can you recommend an X-Ray > inspection system and recommend which ones to > stay away from. > > Our use is for inspection of > BGAs after re-work and repair - very low > volume. > > Thanks Sparky_ We have glenbrook x-ray insp

BGA -X-Ray Services

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 05 09:57:09 EDT 2001 | Glenbrook

Glenbrook Technologies provides rapid and competent x-ray inspection services with knowledgeable interpretation of the x-ray images.

BGA inspection microscope

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 02 22:27:14 EST 2005 | minimicro

I would look at the SMT Tools BGA-100 scope this is by far the most cost effective tool for the money. We use it in conjunction with our Glenbrook X-ray and get great results. Gary

X Ray machines

Electronics Forum | Thu May 03 10:16:45 EDT 2001 | caldon

I like the Glenbrook x-ray systems. Simple and easy to use and they have a great support staff. We are using the Jewel Box 70 and are extremely pleased with it. They have complimentary software for analyzing the balls that is excellent. For the price

X-Ray equipment for BGA inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 17:51:58 EDT 2002 | davef

Our sympathies on: * Working for a CM. Nufsed. * Living in Eastern Canada. Time find the snow shovel, eh? Consider: * Searching the fine SMTnet Archives for a list of used equipment resellers and refurbishers. * Using the SMTnet �Marketplace� [in

Glenbrook 90Kv Jewel Box X-Ray Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 16 11:57:27 EDT 2004 | Gary

I have a Jewel box and have found it to be a very simple system to operate. We have had several turn overs with operators and the new people master the machine in a very short period of time. You are right. This is an excellent machine.

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