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does anyone know about JUKI electric feeder and machinery feeder difference

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 25 03:39:25 EDT 2016 | rob

A 200% + increase in load time certainly erases > any thoughts of efficiency in my mind. We have tried the Visker Electric feeders out (Yamaha & Juki)and they are nice and smooth, with a faster recovery rate, also adjustable pitch. However, with

Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 25 09:20:38 EST 2012 | mgjme

We use JUKI KE2060 now, and we consider purchase of two YS12 for our next assembly line. But I'm afraid some of the details, like lack of pick-hight measurment function in YS12, we got used to perform at the begining of new production run (by JUKI's

Placement Equipment and Long Boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 10:16:14 EDT 2007 | davef

Pick and place: * Fuji: The largest pcb size is 20" by 18" for pick and place; 18"x14" for chip shooters. Fuji NP XL series allows 27 by 23 inch boards using a conveyor. * MYDATA has machines that can be configured to 34" X 44" X 0.500" * HSP 4796A a

long connector and MG1 Yamaha / Assembleon

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 14:15:34 EDT 2023 | compit

Hello What feeder do you use for the long connector (65-80mm) - tape feeder, tray? What nozzles? We want to mount a SODIMM200 socket. I don't know whether to look on the tape or on the trays... The MG1 spec says it will mount connectors up to 100mm (

Upgrading From TVM920 pick and place machinne

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 22 05:05:12 EDT 2019 | worzel76

Hi I have a TVM920 pick and place machine but need something with a conveyor and more feeders I thinking of a used Yamaha YV100 XG or a Chinese SMT880 I want to make the correct choice and would really appreciate some advice

First time Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 21 12:34:31 EDT 2017 | svfeingold

Hi Sumote, thank you for the advice! I actually visited the K&S service center, they are the company that now handles the Assembleon line. They have service/training techs there who have been around since it was part of Philips and are very familiar

Help finding a high capacity pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 15 21:20:18 EDT 2024 | compit

Check out Yamaha - also old. A large number of parts (the same machines under the Assembleon, Philips brand), cheap feeders, many parts suppliers. Models from 2 to 16 heads, e.g. Emerald-X can accommodate 84 INDEPENDENT 8 mm feeders.

ANN: PCB Synergy Beta and new Website

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 27 06:18:32 EST 2012 | sarason

I am just releasing Version Beta Release Added feeder swapping. minor fix in Mydata TP Sys 2.7 Added more Juki 2000 and 700 series and Yamaha YP/YG machines, more Panasonic machines. Updated Options tab, User interface cleansing Added Check

Comparison of models: Philips CSM 84, 84V and 84 VZ

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 28 19:08:03 EDT 2005 | Cmiller

There was a great list on here a year or so ago with all the Philips and Yamaha #'s and what they meant so do a search on it. The VZ had programmable placement height I recall. If your in the US I know a CM that I think still has one in good shape wi

Selecting pick and place machine (comparison/personal experience/sales pitches)

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 14:46:14 EDT 2021 | mishafockin

We currently have Yamaha/Assembleon Opal with heller 1800. I think we can start with just a printer and PnP. I am open to a refurb printer but would like to get a new PnP. I understand it costs a minifortune but working out bugs and lack of maintenan

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