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Soldering robot and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 21 09:12:42 EDT 2017 | emeto

I would start with checking the flux amount and trace and the thermal profile(preheating is important) for this assembly. Then I would consider changing to another flux and run it again.

No solder and solder bridge after Wave solder machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 17 08:57:39 EST 2005 | russ

No clean and foam fluxing is not a very good process from my experience. I know that the flux manufacturers claim that they are suitable but I am not sure what "suitable" means. I would bet that you have very inconsistant flux coverage. How often

No solder and solder bridge after Wave solder machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 17 21:46:48 EST 2005 | C. Kolokoy

With DIP type components, a sub-par fluxing method (foaming a no-clean), and a chip wave where one is not needed are formulas for bridging and insufficient wetting. If you have SMD's on the wave solder side of the board greater than 0603, and no SOT

Selective soldering pallets and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 05 11:36:30 EST 2002 | William Guatemala

Have you check the flux gravity lately? If not, Check the flux gravity every 6 hours to make sure proper parameters are meet. Here is a list of things that may cause your solder ball problems; Excecive heat, defective fixtures, preheating temperature

Selective soldering pallets and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 18:01:12 EST 2002 | GSW

Hi, Try to check if there is water absorbed in the flux or the humidity around the wave area. possibly plating on barrels that might be damaged?

Board change and solder not adhereing completely

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 06 08:36:13 EDT 2001 | Cal

Sorry about the double post.........my Vanna White spell check crapped out on the first reply.

Selective soldering pallets and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 17:02:28 EST 2002 | Vince Whipple

Steve, I agree with the recommendation to check the temperature. This is the first place to go. Is this an IPA or water based Noclean? What is the topside temp of the assembly at the effected areas? If you are too cold you will have a tendency to hav

kapton dots and liquid solder mask

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 09 11:56:01 EDT 2005 | Rob

We sometimes use a peelable mask the the PCB manufacturer (board house) adds as part of their process. It may seem an expensive option but avoids: Raising P/o's for tape/peelable mask as consumables booking & inspection Booking out to the shop floo

Use and Restrictions of solder containing lead

Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 17:48:00 EDT 2003 | jonfox

As far as I know, the limitations apply to to the manufacturing components, not the equipment per say. At this point there is no set date for the US at the national level. Basically our government is run by big businesses and their effect on our na

black and grey pad

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 06 08:42:21 EDT 2001 | davef

Please give us additional background on your board, solder, process, etc. If you are talking about black pad in ENIG solderability preservative, check the fine SMTnet archives to get started.

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