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Zn/Pb Diffusion

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 19 15:48:28 EDT 2002 | davef

I don�t know much about zinc either. I can tell you that zinc forms no intermetallics with lead. So, I�m not so sure that �diffusion� is the correct term. Of the following: * Hwang "Modern Solder Technology For � * Wassink "Soldering In Electronic

Zn/Pb Diffusion

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 19 08:46:04 EDT 2002 | geoff_goring

I would like to discover more about Zinc/Lead diffusion in the leadframes of SOIC ASICS.

contamination on copper

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 11:15:30 EDT 2004 | patrickbruneel

Pure (red) copper oxide is green, its not a residue its just oxidation. In your case water and heat will accelerate the oxidation process of unplated or unprotected pure copper. The best way to avoid this from happening is use a socket with tin or n

Salt spray hours

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 30 15:29:39 EDT 2010 | davef

5000 hours, yeow!!! Salt spray testing "periods range from a few hours (e.g. 8 or 24 hours of phosphated steel) to more than a month (e.g. 720 hours of zinc-nickel coatings, 1000 hours of certain zinc flake coatings)." Look here: http://www.ancatt.c

Soldering to brass?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 07 19:32:40 EDT 2007 | davef

Zinc from the brass diffuses into the solder and reacts with tin causing dezincification. Dezincification is a specific type of de-alloying, or selective, leaching corrosion of brass fittings. This type of corrosion selectively removes zinc from th

can silver plating be used as barrier when soldering brass to copper? silver plate the brass?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 07:56:34 EDT 2017 | jkitt84

In an excellent previous thread davef mentions brass should be plated prior to soldering to prevent zinc leaching from the brass. It is reported once the zinc leaches, the joint is weak. He recommends copper or nickel plating. Would silver plating w

Soldered Brass Tape

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 18 12:28:33 EDT 2005 | davef

We've never heard of it either. Stained glass widow people use varous types of copper and brass tape / foil in their work. A widely used suppler of this tape is Venture [ http://www.venturetape.com ]. They may be able to help. We're not sure how

HMP Lead free solder?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 31 06:33:04 EDT 2005 | Slaine

if a solder has over 85% lead its classed as RoHS complient because its difficult to achive the same melting point with anything else (298degrees). a few other alloys with a similar range are ; % % 266E266 82.6 Cd 17.4 Zn 271MP 100 Bi 280E2

Salt spray hours

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 29 21:19:38 EDT 2010 | mbclemens60

I have a customer that wants 5000 hrs to red rust. The steel is plated with chloride zinc (barrel plated) and a black chromate. They say a company in Taiwan has the technology, but can not deliver in a production setting. Does anyone know of a cost e

Terminal solderability + Silver plating

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 10 09:26:49 EDT 2004 | davef

You should be able to solder to brass - check with you flux supplier to get their recommendations. The flux you are using may not have enough activation to breakdown the oxides on the brass surface. A word of caution - brass (copper and zinc alloy)

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