Electronics Manufacturing Technical Articles

Electronics Manufacturing Technical Articles

Papers and articles related to SMT, PCB & EMS industry.

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1437 SMT / PCB Assembly Related Technical Articles

Application Of Build-in Self Test In Functional Test Of DSL

May 23, 2012 | YaJun Gu, Ye Qin, ZhiJun Wang, David Wei, Andrew Ho, Stephen Chen, Zhen (Jane) Feng Ph. D., Murad Kurwa

first published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings. BIST (build-in self test ) is the technique of designing additional hardware and software features into integrated circuits to allow them to perform self-testing, i.e., testing of...

Publisher: Flex (Flextronics International)

Flex (Flextronics International)

Flextronics is a global full-service supplier of a full spectrum of value-added Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Singapore, Singapore

Consultant / Service Provider

Environmental Compliance Reporting - Mastering a Moving Target

May 17, 2012 | Cathy Iler, Nikki Johnson, Peter Robinson

First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings. Companies that have initiated internal resources to obtain compliance data have realized that collecting, and more importantly, maintaining the currency of that data requires more...

Publisher: Total Parts Plus

Total Parts Plus

Total Parts Plus helps electronics manufacturers mitigate risks associated with parts obsolescence and environmental regulations compliance through cloud-based applications and data-collection service

Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA

Consultant / Service Provider

The Surface Finish Effect on the Creep Corrosion in PCB

May 10, 2012 | Cherie Chen, Jeffrey ChangBing Lee, Graver Chang, Jandel Lin, Casa Hsieh, Jesse Liao, Jerry Huang

First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings. Creep corrosion normally happens in the end system, PCB, connectors and components are widely noted due to the exposure of high sulfur environments under elevated humidity. In thi...

Publisher: Integrated Service Technology (IST)

Integrated Service Technology (IST)

Founded in 1994, IST group is a leading lab-service company, specializing in the development of IC product testing & analysis, failure analysis, debugging, reliability test, material analysis.

Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Consultant / Service Provider

Virtual Access Technique Augments Test Coverage on Limited Access PCB Assemblies

May 03, 2012 | Anthony J. Suto

First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings. Increased pressures to reduce time to market and time to volume have forced many manufacturers of populated printed circuit boards to rely on capacitively coupled, un-powered, vec...

Publisher: Teradyne


Teradyne is a leading supplier of Automatic Test Equipment used to test semiconductors, wireless products, data storage and complex electronic systems which serve consumer, communications, industrial and government customers.

North Reading, Massachusetts, USA

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer

Design and Construction Affects on PWB Reliability

Apr 26, 2012 | Paul Reid

First presented at IPC Apex Expo 2012. The reliability, as tested by thermal cycling, of printed wire boards (PWB) are established by three variables; copper quality, material robustness and design. The copper quality was most influential and could be eva...

Publisher: PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc.

PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc.

PWB designs and manufactures test equipment and provides services to test the reliability of Printed Circuit Boards.

Nepean, Ontario, Canada


A New Paradigm For Design Through Manufacture

Apr 19, 2012 | Michael Ford, Valor Division of Mentor Graphics Corp.

Presented at IPC Apex 2012. Working through the New Product Introduction (NPI) flow between product design and manufacturing is usually a challenging process, with both parties being experts in their own fields and inextricably linked in the flow of g...

Publisher: Mentor Graphics

Mentor Graphics

A leader in software solutions for electroncs design, Mentor Graphics is the only EDA company with a total end-to-end solution for design though manufacturing.

Wilsonville, Oregon, USA

Consultant / Service Provider

Bridging at Reflow, What is the Cause and Can it be Eliminated?

Apr 12, 2012 | Robert Dervaes, V.P. Technology

Surface mount technology (SMT) started in the 1960s and became more common in the 1980s. It is the dominant technology in use today. Through-hole technology is still in use, and will be for the foreseeable future, but the drive towards miniaturization of ...



With numerous facilities in the United States, we are one of the electronics industry's leading manufacturers of lead-free solder products, superior quality stencils, and precision cut parts.

Greeley, Colorado, USA


FCT Assembly Solves Bridging Issues at Reflow

Apr 09, 2012 | FCT Assembly

As the electronics assembly industry evolves, printed circuit board (PCB) features and surface mount technology (SMT) components continue to get smaller and smaller. This miniaturization shrinks the process window at print, placement, and reflow, increasi...



With numerous facilities in the United States, we are one of the electronics industry's leading manufacturers of lead-free solder products, superior quality stencils, and precision cut parts.

Greeley, Colorado, USA


Modeling and Control of SMT Manufacturing Lines Using Hybrid Dynamic Systems

Apr 05, 2012 | L.G. Barajas, A. Kansal, A. Saxena, M. Egerstedt, A. Goldstein, E.W. Kamen

In this paper we show how hybrid control and modeling tech-niques can be put to work for solving a problem of industrial relevance in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) manufacturing. In particular, by closing the loop over the stencil printing process, we ob...

Publisher: Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

Center for Board Assembly Research CBAR- advanced research on board assembly processes and systems

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Research Institute / Laboratory / School

Assembly and Rework of Lead Free Package on Package Technology

Mar 22, 2012 | Raymond G. Clark, Joseph D. Poole, TT Electronics - IMS

Miniaturization continues to be a driving force in both integrated circuit packaging and printed circuit board laminate technology. In addition to decreasing component pitch (lead to lead spacing), utilization of the vertical space by stacking packages ha...

Publisher: Electronics



Perry , Ohio, USA

Successfully Designing FPGA-Based Systems

Mar 15, 2012 | Nagesh Gupta

Increases in field-programmable gate array (FPGA) capabilities, combined with growing system complexity, have created many FPGA-based system design challenges. One key challenge is choosing the right FPGA for the design needs, and maximizing the use of FP...

Publisher: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

World's leading EDA company.

San Jose, California, USA

Consultant / Service Provider

Quality Improvement and Enhanced Flexibility in Electronic Manufacturing through the Deployment of a modern Selective Soldering Process Technology

Mar 15, 2012 | Bernd Krauss, Turck-Duotec, Grünhain-Beierfeld, Jürgen Friedrich

The competition in the EMS sector has considerably intensified over the last few years,. The enormous pressure to reduce production costs, which every service provider today has to face, frequently forces the organization to have a critical look at their ...

Publisher: ASYS Group

ASYS Group

ASYS is an international company that specializes in the manufacturing of screen printers, process machines, handling systems and special machines used in the electronic and solar industries.

Suwanee, Georgia, USA


Counterfeit Electronic Components: Understanding the Risk

Mar 08, 2012 | John M. Radman, Renee J. Michalkiewicz and Daniel D. Phillips

You may have heard talk in the news lately regarding counterfeit electronic components making it into the US military supply chain. The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) recently reported in the Counterfeit Electronic Parts in the Defense Department Supply Chain hearing held on November 17, 2011, 1,800 cases of suspected counterfeit components that went into more than 1 million individual products. If you consider this number for the military, we can only imagine the number of counterfeits in our commercial yet high reliability products, such as life support or other critical systems. If you are the person within your electronics-based company who must perform risk analyses, counterfeiting is not a new concern, yet many do not realize just how good counterfeiters have become at their "trade"....

Publisher: Trace Laboratories

Trace Laboratories

An internationally accredited, full service testing and analysis company providing design studies, failure analyses, product/material qualifications, safety inspections, and consulting services

Hunt Valley, Maryland, USA

Consultant / Service Provider

Why Sacrifice Throughput For Change-Over Time?

Mar 01, 2012 | Eric Klaver, Senior Product Manager

The struggle to survive in the world of manufacturing is prompting many volume-driven manufacturing sites in the west to specialize in small batch manufacturing. The aim is to bring value to their customers with fast-turnaround prototyping and reduced int...

Publisher: Assembléon


Assembleon manufactures a range of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) placement equipment, Pick & Place Machines and provides related services.

LA VELDHOVEN, Netherlands


What is really inside your AOI?

Feb 23, 2012 | Jean-Marc Peallat, Russ Warncke, Russell Claybrook, Marc Brun

Installed for the first time 20 years ago, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) more recently has become an essential part of our SMT environment. Today, most process engineers are turning to machines as an inspection strategy for addressing quality and pro...

Publisher: Vi TECHNOLOGY


Vi TECHNOLOGY is a worldwide global supplier of a wide range of innovative Automated Inspection AOI, 3D-SPI equipment and software solutions that provide real time data collection and correlation across the SMT line.

Richardson, Texas, USA


Connector Models - Are They Any Good?

Feb 16, 2012 | Jim Nadolny, Leon Wu

Channel simulations are only as accurate as the models used to develop them. While we have seen much effort placed on printed circuit board (PCB) materials (copper finish, dielectric moisture absorption), other elements within the channel have been largel...

Publisher: Samtec, Inc.

Samtec, Inc.

Samtec is recognized as the service leader in the connector industry. Most Samtec products fall into one of three categories: high speed (signal integrity), micro pitch, and rugged/power products.

New Albany, Indiana, USA

Consultant / Service Provider

Fundamentals of Analog Signature Analysis

Feb 09, 2012 | Curtis Smith, Huntron Technical Support

The Fundamentals of Signature Analysis Technical document discusses the basics of power-off analog signature analysis, how it relates to basic electronic devices and how it is used for circuit board troubleshooting....

Publisher: Huntron, Inc.

Huntron, Inc.

Huntron is a supplier of tools for engineers and technicians who test, diagnose and troubleshoot printed circuit assemblies. Our popular products are Huntron Tracker and test automation platforms such as the Access Robotic Prober.

Mill Creek, Washington, USA


Wafer-Level Packaged MEMS Switch With TSV

Feb 02, 2012 | Nicolas Lietaer, Thor Bakke, Anand Summanwar (SINTEF), Per Dalsjø, Jakob Gakkestad (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment), Frank Niklaus (KTH – Royal Institute of Technology)

A miniaturized wafer-level packaged MEMS acceleration switch with through silicon vias (TSVs) was fabricated, based on technologies suitable for harsh environment applications. The high aspect ratio TSVs were fabricated through the silicon-on-insulator (S...

Publisher: The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research - SINTEF

The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research - SINTEF

Scandinavia's largest independent research organisation. Every year, SINTEF supports research and development at 2,000 or so Norwegian and overseas companies via its research and development activity.

Trondheim, Norway

Association / Non-Profit

A Unified CAD-PLM Architecture for Improving Electronics Design Productivity through Automation, Collaboration, and Cloud Computing

Jan 26, 2012 | Jonathan Friedman, Newton Truong, Mani B. Srivastava

In electronics design, Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools manage part data in a logical schematic view (a part symbol) and a physical PCB view (a part footprint). Yet, a part has a third view, which CAD tools ignore – its supply data (Manufacturer part num...

Publisher: UCLA - Networked & Embedded Systems Laboratory

UCLA - Networked & Embedded Systems Laboratory

NESL is engaged in research on architecture, design, and tools for networked and embedded computing and communication systems.

Westwood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Research Institute / Laboratory / School

Three-Dimensional MMIC and Its Evolution to WLCSP Technology

Jan 19, 2012 | Tsuneo TOKUMITSU

The history of multilayered, three-dimensional monolithic microwave integrated circuit (3-D MMIC) technology is described here. Although significant researches were carried out in the second half of 1990’s, still there were many twists and turns before an...

Publisher: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Manufacturer of cable, materials & equipment for the semiconductor and opto-electronic industries; supplying telecommunications, power transmission, information technology and automotive cable markets

Osaka, Japan


Reliability Enhancement of Wafer Level Packages with Nano-Column-Like Hollow Solder Ball Structures

Jan 12, 2012 | Ronak Varia, Xuejun Fan

In this paper, hollowed solder ball structures in wafer level packages are investigated. Detailed 3-D finite element modelling is conducted for stress and accumulated inelastic strain energy density or creep strain analysis. Three cases are studied in thi...

Publisher: Lamar University - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Lamar University - Department of Mechanical Engineering

The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Lamar University is to provide high quality education and meaningful career opportunities for its graduates.

Beaumont, Texas, USA

Research Institute / Laboratory / School

Conformal Coating Why, What, When, and How

Jan 05, 2012 | Greg Caswell

Conformal coating is applied to circuit cards to provide a dielectric layer on an electronic board. This layer functions as a membrane between the board and the environment. With this coating in place, the circuit card can withstand more moisture by incre...

Publisher: DfR Solutions

DfR Solutions

DfR Solutions has world-renowned expertise in applying the science of Reliability Physics to electrical and electronics technologies, and is a leading provider of quality, reliability, and durability (QRD) research and consulting for the electronics industry.

College Park, Maryland, USA

Consultant / Service Provider

Solder Charge Grid Array: Advancements In The Technology Of Surface Mount Area Array Solder Joint Attachment

Dec 29, 2011 | Jim Hines, Adam Stanczak, David Decker, Theeraphong Kanjanupathum

2011 IPC APEX EXPO Conference Article: Surface mount area arrays (SMAA) have been in existence for decades and are increasingly becoming more important as printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies become further complex with package miniaturization and densi...

Publisher: Molex


Molex is a global leader in interconnect solutions, as well as custom user-interfaces, membrane switches and flex circuits.

Lisle, Illinois, USA


Metal Microchannel Lamination Using Surface Mount Adhesives for Low-Temperature Heat Exchangers

Dec 22, 2011 | Prawin, Paulraj , Paul, Brian K.

This paper reports the feasibility of using surface mount adhesives to produce low temperature microchannel arrays in a wide variety of metals. Sheet metal embossing and chemical etching processes have been used to produce sealing bosses that eliminate ch...

Publisher: OSU School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering (MIME)

OSU School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering (MIME)

Providing an education that prepares our students as entrepreneurial, team-oriented, and work-ready graduates in mechanical, industrial, and manufacturing engineering and energy engineering management

Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Research Institute / Laboratory / School

Hermetically Sealed SMD Tantalum Capacitors

Dec 15, 2011 | I.Zednickova, M.Biler, J.Petrzilek, T.Zednicek

manganese dioxide or conductive polymer cathode. Higher stability is achieved by placement of the capacitor into an SMD case filled by an inert atmosphere and hermetically sealed. The long term stability testing performed on such hermetically sealed capac...

Publisher: AVX Corporation

AVX Corporation

A leading international electronic supplier of components and connectors with worldwide manufacturing facilities, offering the world's broadest selection of passive electronic components.

Fountain Inn, South Carolina, USA

Evaluation of Stencil Foil Materials, Suppliers and Coatings

Dec 08, 2011 | Chrys Shea - Shea Engineering Services, Ray Whittier - Vicor Corporation

The past few years have brought PCB assemblers a multitude of choices for SMT stencil materials and coatings. In addition to the traditional laser-cut stainless steel (SS) or electroformed nickel, choices now include SS that has been optimized for laser c...

Publisher: Shea Engineering Services

Shea Engineering Services

We work with electronics industry suppliers to provide top quality technical documentation for their products. Services include: ghost writing, presentation creation and training program development.

Burlington, New Jersey, USA

Consultant / Service Provider

RoHS: Five Years Later

Dec 01, 2011 | Dr Ronald C. Lasky

Are electronics any “greener” than before RoHS? It is a fair question to ask. With the advent of RoHS on July 1, 2006, and more recently REACH, one might be inclined to answer that it is greener than it was. We will take a look at this question in several...

Publisher: Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation

Solder pastes, solder preforms, solder spheres, soldering fluxes, electrically-conductive adhesives. All alloys: tin-lead, lead-free, indium alloys, and more.

Utica, New York, USA


New Methods of Testing PCB Traces Capacity and Fusing

Nov 25, 2011 | Norocel Codreanu, Radu Bunea, Paul Svasta

The article presents virtual and real investigations related to current capacity and fusing of PCB traces in high power applications and is based on a scientific paper delivered by authors at SIITME 2010 in Romania. The reason of performing the research a...

Publisher: UPB-CETTI University of Bucharest, Center for Technological Electronics and Interconnection Techniques

UPB-CETTI University of Bucharest, Center for Technological Electronics and Interconnection Techniques

CETTI offers a substantial support in electronic packaging activities for innovative SMEs, and sustains training for continuing education of the human resource involved in electronics industry.

Bucharest, Romania


Using Flexible Circuits as an Electronic Interconnection... Do's and Don'ts

Nov 16, 2011 | Dave Becker

Flexible Circuits are proven, reliable interconnect solutions for many of today's electronic packages. This article gives some general guidelines in terms of "dos" and "don'ts" that will help the engineer or designer make better decisions when using flex...

Publisher: All Flex Flexible Circuits, LLC

All Flex Flexible Circuits, LLC

Flexible circuit manufacturing and assembly. 20 years experience.

Northfield, Minnesota, USA


PCB Dynamic Coplanarity At Elevated Temperatures

Nov 10, 2011 | John Davignon, Ken Chiavone, Jiahui Pan, James Henzi, David Mendez, Ron Kulterman

With the advent of larger packages and higher densities/pitch the Industry has been concerned with the coplanarity of both the substrate package and the PCB motherboard. The iNEMI PCB Coplanarity WG generated a snapshot in time of the dynamic coplanarity ...

Publisher: iNEMI (International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative)

iNEMI (International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative)

iNEMI is an industry-led consortium focused on identifying and closing technology gaps, which includes the development and integration of the electronics industry supply infrastructure.

Herndon, Virginia, USA

A Novel Local Search Integer-Programming-Based Heuristic for PCB Assembly on Collect-and-Place Machines

Nov 03, 2011 | Anupam Seth, Diego Klabjan, Placid M. Ferreira

This paper presents the development of a novel vehicle-routing-based algorithm for optimizing component pick-up and placement on a collect-and-place type machine in printed circuit board manufacturing. We present a two-phase heuristic that produces soluti...

Publisher: Mechanical Science and Engineering at UIUC

Mechanical Science and Engineering at UIUC

The Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering offers top-ranked degree programs in engineering mechanics, mechanical engineering, and theoretical and applied mechanics.

Urbana, Illinois, USA

Research Institute / Laboratory / School

Manufacturability & Reliability Challenges with Leadless Near Chip Scale (LNCSP) Packages in Pb-Free Processes

Oct 27, 2011 | Cheryl Tulkoff, Greg Caswell

Leadless, near chip scale packages (LNCSP) like the quad flat pack no lead (QFN) are the fastest growing package types in the electronics industry today. Early LNCSPs were fairly straightforward components with small overall dimensions, a single outer row...

Publisher: DfR Solutions

DfR Solutions

DfR Solutions has world-renowned expertise in applying the science of Reliability Physics to electrical and electronics technologies, and is a leading provider of quality, reliability, and durability (QRD) research and consulting for the electronics industry.

College Park, Maryland, USA

Consultant / Service Provider

Modelling of Thermal Stresses in Printed Circuit Boards

Oct 20, 2011 | Oldŕich Šuba, Libuše Sýkorová, Štépán Šanda, Michal Stanék

Results of FEM modelling of thermal stress analysis in printed circuit boards are given in the article. It is shown that thermal stress alone is not solely caused by differences in coefficients of thermal expansion of individual layers. The emergence of thermal stress is subject to both the layered structure of the wall and given boundary conditions, as well as the existence of a temperature gradient in the direction normal to the surface of the wall. A practical application focuses on the issue of recycling of PCB with the effort to achieve separation of layers due to thermal stress. Role modelling of thermal stress in this area lies in predicting the possibility of separation, depending on the type of thermal stress and material parameters....

Publisher: Tomas Bata University

Tomas Bata University

TBU follows the forty-year tradition of the Faculty of Technology, which was founded in Zlín in 1969 and since than has educated hundreds of highly-qualified professionals.

Zlin, Czech Republic

Research Institute / Laboratory / School

Are Separate Solder Flip-Chip Bonders Still Required?

Oct 13, 2011 | Eric Klaver, Senior Product Manager, Assembléon. Patrick Huberts, Product Manager Semicon Market.

Increasing miniaturization is now encouraging manufacturers of handheld devices to stack bare dies or packages. As the process of manufacturing modules requires placing both passives and (stacked) bare dies, these two types of placement are merging very quickly into a single platform. That raises the question of whether SMT equipment will take over from traditional die bonders....

Publisher: Assembléon


Assembleon manufactures a range of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) placement equipment, Pick & Place Machines and provides related services.

LA VELDHOVEN, Netherlands


Development of a Design & Manufacturing Environment for Reliable and Cost- Effective PCB Embedding Technology

Oct 06, 2011 | M. Brizoux, A. Grivon, W. C. Maia Filho; Thales Corporate Services. J. Stahr, M. Morianz; AT&S. Hemant Shah, Ed Hickey; Cadence Design Systems Inc.

The desire to have more functionality into increasingly smaller size end products has been pushing the PCB and IC Packaging industry towards High Density Interconnect (HDI) and 3D Packaging (stacked dies, embedded packaged components). Many companies in the high-end consumer electronics market place have been embedding passive chip components on inner PCB and IC Packages for a few years now. However, embedding packaged components on inner layers has remained elusive for the broader market due to lack of proper design tools and high cost of embedding components on inner layers (...)

This paper will highlight several key industrialization aspects addressed in the frame of the European funded FP7 HERMES* project to build a manufacturing environment for products with embedded components. The program entered its third year and is now dealing with the manufacturing of functional demonstrators as an introduction to industrialization....

Publisher: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

World's leading EDA company.

San Jose, California, USA

Consultant / Service Provider

Criminal Prosecution - Who can be held liable for the sale of counterfeit parts?

Sep 26, 2011 | Kristal Snider, Vice President; ERAI Inc.

On September 14, 2010, the late Shannon Wren, owner of VisionTech Components ("VisionTech"), and Stephanie McCloskey, VisionTech's Administrative Manager, were arrested during the execution of search and seizure warrants issued against the pair by the United States government after evidence connected them to the sale of counterfeit parts to the U.S. Navy, defense contractors and others. A ten-count indictment charged McCloskey with conspiracy, aiding and abetting in violation of Title 18 United States Code, Sections 371 and 2; trafficking in counterfeit goods, in violation of Title 18 United States Code, Section 2320; and mail fraud, in violation of Title 18 United States Code, Section 1341. McCloskey pled guilty to conspiracy and aiding and abetting for her role in the scheme....

Publisher: ERAI Inc.


ERAI is an information services organization that monitors, investigates and reports issues that are affecting the electronics supply chain.

Naples, Florida, USA

Media / Publisher / Online Resource

Best and Simplest Recovery Solution for Missing Data

Sep 26, 2011 | USB Recovery

How to repair flash drive documents when missing due to malicious software installations? Company presents drive recovery software to restore digital files and compressed folders from accidently formatted usb removable media drives....

Publisher: USB Drive Recovery

USB Drive Recovery

www.usbdriverecovery.com is award winning software development company website that offers reliable and ultimate usb recovery software to fulfill customer’s need in shortest time at relevant prices.

City, California, USA

Consultant / Service Provider

Thermal Spot Curing of Adhesives with Photonic Energy; a novel fiber delivery method of radiant heating to accelerate the polymerization of thermally active adhesives

Sep 22, 2011 | Ruben Burga, Dr. Mohammed Saad

The remainder of this paper will deal with the adhesive cure mechanism most often found in the microelectronics industry; the thermal activation and cure of adhesives that are most commonly based on epoxy backbones. The use of heat is already prevalent in the microelectronics industry as most printed circuit board assemblies use some element of this thermal energy (reflow ovens for example) during the component soldering and assembly stage or during their burn-in stage (convection ovens)....

Publisher: IRphotonics


IRphotonics is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of Infrared-based materials and systems.

Hamden, Connecticut, USA


Near Term Solutions For 3D Packaging Of High Performance DRAM

Sep 15, 2011 | Vern Solberg, Wael Zohni

The revolution in performance driven electronic systems continues to challenge the IC packaging industry. To enable the new generations of processors to reach their performance potential many manufacturers have developed interface formats to enable greater memory bandwidth. To ensure that the memory functions are able to support the increased signal speed, package developers are relying more and more on innovative 3D package assembly techniques and process refinement....

Publisher: Invensas Corporation

Invensas Corporation

Invensas is focused on the development of cutting-edge enabling technologies in advanced semiconductor packaging for advanced mobility and storage products.

San Jose, California, USA


Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive Bonding - A High Quality Interconnection Technique

Sep 08, 2011 | Miyachi Europe GmbH

Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive Bonding is an interconnection technique mostly used for connecting displays to pcb’s using anisotropic conductive adhesive and flex foils. For successful implementation there are a few basic constraints. If these are followed, display connection is a simple and reliable process, giving top quality connections. Heat-Sealing can be done in any factory and can be introduced in a few months, from start of design to mass productions...



MIYACHI Europe Corporation is part of the Miyachi Group and provides proven technologies with a long tradition as market leader in micro-connection also well-known as PECO, EAPRO and UNITEK.

Puchheim, Germany


Manufacturers Use Technology to Help Weather the Economic Downturn.

Sep 02, 2011 | Alison Falco, president; Dynamic Systems Inc.

Too often the manufacturers will implement technology for financial reporting purposes but overlook efficiencies that can generate cash flow and reduce costs on the manufacturing floor. Accurate information that provides a business owner or manager the ability to make immediate decisions about his/her operation resulting in a boost to profitability is crucial during an economic downturn. If revenue is down and the market mood does not permit price increases, then profitability can only be realized by reducing costs. So you must ask yourself "What prevents me from 100% efficiency?"...

Publisher: Dynamic Systems, Inc.

Dynamic Systems, Inc.

Barcode Data Collection Systems includes Inventory, Job Costing, Tool Management, Time Clock, Document Tracking http://www.a-barcode.com/solutions/?gallerytag=i-manufacturing

Redmond, Washington, USA

Consultant / Service Provider


Sep 01, 2011 | Harold Hyman

Scavenging, Site Dressing, Residual Solder Removal. What's in a name? "That which we call an onion, by any other name would smell as strong" (apologies to the immortal bard). And, regardless of the name you give it, the objective is the same, namely the clean up of remaining solder after a component (particularly a BGA) or R.F. Shield has been removed from a PCB. This paper will describe the various methods that are available and discuss their pros and cons....

Publisher: VJ Electronix

VJ Electronix

VJE provides AI technology applications enabling x-ray component counting: highest ROI, speed and accuracy. As electronics manufacturing equipment supplier we provide X-ray counters, rework and x-ray inspection. (978) 486-4777

Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA


Alternative Pb-Free Alloys

Aug 25, 2011 | Dr. Randy Schueller

While SnAgCu (SAC) alloys still dominate Pb-free selection in North America, especially Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu (SAC305), there are alternative material systems available. Any OEM that is concerned about the high reflow temperatures of SAC or relies on ODM, it is im...

Publisher: DfR Solutions

DfR Solutions

DfR Solutions has world-renowned expertise in applying the science of Reliability Physics to electrical and electronics technologies, and is a leading provider of quality, reliability, and durability (QRD) research and consulting for the electronics industry.

College Park, Maryland, USA

Consultant / Service Provider

Technical Considerations for Controlling ESD in Electronics Manufacturing

Aug 18, 2011 | Microscan

Overview of ESD, Associated Risks and Prevention Measures...

Publisher: Microscan


Microscan focuses on technologies of automatic identification, machine vision, and illumination with application solutions ranging from basic barcode reading up to complex machine vision inspection, gauging, and measurement.

Renton, Washington, USA


Detection of Bare PCB Defects by Image Subtraction Method using Machine Vision

Aug 11, 2011 | Ajay Pal Singh Chauhan, Sharat Chandra Bhardwaj

(Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering 2011) A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) consists of circuit with electronic components mounted on surface. There are three main steps involved in manufacturing process, where the inspection of PCB is necessar...

Publisher: Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET)

Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET)

Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology is an autonomous body, fully funded by Government of India and controlled by SLIET Society.

Distt. Sangrur, Punjab, India

Research Institute / Laboratory / School

SMT Line Improvements for High Mix, Low Volume Electronics Manufacturing

Aug 04, 2011 | William Edward Swaim

This work covers two major projects aimed at increasing quality and efficiency on a high mix, low volume surface mount electronics production line. Specifically the installation of a ten zone reflow oven and an enhanced changeover method for SMT pick and ...

Publisher: Auburn University

Auburn University

Auburn University is a comprehensive land-grant institution with primary missions including instruction, research, and extension/outreach.

Auburn, Alabama, USA

Research Institute / Laboratory / School

Air Flow Measurement in Electronic Systems

Jul 28, 2011 | Advanced Thermal Solutions, inc.

Electronic circuit boards create some of the most complex and highly three dimensional fluid flows in both air and liquid. The combination of open channel (clearance to the next card above the components) and large protrusions (components, e.g., BGAs, PQF...

Publisher: Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc

A leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying a wide range of heat sinks and laboratory-quality thermal instrumentation, together with thermal design consulting.

Norwood, Massachusetts, USA

Production Line Dynamics: What Count Is What Actually Comes Out Of Your Line

Jul 21, 2011 | Eric Klaver, Senior Product Manager

In high-volume production, it is the price of the end product that matters. Purchasing decisions for production equipment therefore usually boil down to price divided by output modified by some efficiency factor....

Publisher: Assembléon


Assembleon manufactures a range of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) placement equipment, Pick & Place Machines and provides related services.

LA VELDHOVEN, Netherlands


Developments in Fine Line Resist Stripping

Jul 14, 2011 | R. Massey, N. Wood, J. Huang

In this paper, the concept for the next generation of resist stripper solutions is introduced, with specific emphasis upon development of new solutions targeted at the ever demanding fine line applications. The novel formulation used minimises the initial...

Publisher: Atotech


One of the world's leading suppliers of integrated production systems, chemistry, equipment, know-how and service for electroplating, semiconductor and printed circuit board manufacturing.

Berlin, Germany


SMD Naked Capacitors Technologies For Severe Application Environments And Circuit Functions

Jul 07, 2011 | E.Boni, D. Montanari, L. Caliari, F. Bregoli, L. Barbieri, F. Bergamaschi

The demand for miniaturized electronic equipment and fully-automated assembly lines for mass-production of new products require the availability of a complete range of SMD components...

Publisher: KEMET Electronics Corporation

KEMET Electronics Corporation

KEMET offers the world's most complete line of surface-mount and through-hole capacitor technologies across tantalum, ceramic, film, aluminum, electrolytic, and paper dielectrics.

Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA


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 Reflow System

Large PCB Dispensing System