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Our Ultrasonic Stencil cleaners and 440-R-SMT Detergent are US & CA EPA Certified cleaners, that are environmentally and user safe. We are your single source for cleaning any type of solder paste from any fine pitch stencil.

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Stencil Cleaner Meets Stringent EPA Rules

Jul 14, 2000 | Chuck Currie

The acronym "EPA" has cast almost as much fear in the hearts of industry as the letters "IRS." The Environmental Protection Agency has a plan to improve its image and actually help manufacturers attain their goals and ISO 14001 requirements....

Environmentally Certified Technologies: A Case Study

Jun 21, 2000 | William C. Schreiber

There was once a time when precision cleaning required minimal thought. Just about anything that was dirty could be placed inside a vapor degreaser and emerge clean and dry in a matter of minutes. Today, precision cleaning decisions are seemingly endless with ever-changing environmental regulations, user safety issues and product compatibility concerns. Technologies range from spray-in-atmosphere to ultrasonics to spray under immersion using aqueous, solvent or semiaqueous chemistries. Which method works and with what chemistry? Will the process be safe or even allowed by the regulating agencies?...

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