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Considerations for Minimizing Radiation Doses to Components during X-ray Inspection

Feb 21, 2022 | David Bernard, Richard C. Blish, II

The ability to undertake non-destructive testing on semiconductor devices, during both their manufacture and their subsequent use in printed circuit boards (PCBs), has become ever more important for checking product quality without compromising productivity. The use of x-ray inspection not only provides a potentially non-destructive test but also allows investigation within optically hidden areas, such as the wire bonding within packages and the quality of post solder reflow of area array devices (e.g. BGAs, CSPs and flip chips)....

Common Process Defect Identification of QFN Packages

Jul 23, 2019 | David Bernard @ Dage Precision Industries, Bob Willis @ ASKbobwillis.com

The Quad Flat Pack No Leads (QFN) style of leadless packaging [also known as a Land Grid Array (LGA)] is rapidly increasing in us e for wireless, automotive, telecom and many other areas becaus e of its low cost, low stand-off height and excellent thermal and electri cal properties. With the implementation of any new package type, there is always a learning curve for its use in design and processing as well as for the Process and Quality Engineers who have to get to grips with the challenges that these packages bring. Therefore, this paper will provide examples of the common process defects that can be seen with QFNs /LGAs when using optical and x-ray inspection as part of manufacturing quality control. Results of trials conducted on four PCB finishes and using vapour phase and convection reflow will be discussed....

Modern 2D / 3D X-Ray Inspection - Emphasis on BGA, QFN, 3D Packages, and Counterfeit Components

Sep 16, 2010 | Evstatin Krastev, David Bernard

With PCB complexity and density increasing and also wider use of 3D devices, tougher requirements are now imposed on device inspection both during original manufacture and at their subsequent processing onto printed circuit boards. More complicated and de...

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