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MIRTEC has earned a solid reputation as one of the most Progressive and Dynamic Suppliers of Automated SMT Inspection Equipment to the Electronics Manufacturing Industry.

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INTELLI-Pro -- The Future of Automated Optical Inspection

Jun 27, 2022 | Mirtec Corporation

In today's Electronics Manufacturing Industry, standards for defect and quality control are stricter than ever due to advancements of electronic products and increasing safety and environmental regulations. Electronics Manufacturers are forced to maximize their production efficiency by implementing lean manufacturing initiatives and optimizing production processes. With this in mind, manufacturers are relying upon Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment to streamline the manufacturing process and provide real time root cause analysis of manufacturing defects. The objective is to increase profitability by improving production yields and reducing costly rework....

SMT007-MIRTEC Intelligent Factory Automation Article-November 2020

Dec 02, 2020 | Brian D'Amico

Industry 4.0 is a topic of much discussion within the electronics manufacturing industry. Manufacturers and vendors are trying to come to terms with what that means. In the most simplistic of terms, Industry 4.0 is a trend toward automation and data exchange within the manufacturing process. This basically requires connectivity and communication from machine to machine within the manufacturing line. The challenge is to collect data from each of the systems within the line and make that data available to the rest of the machines. Without test and inspection, there is no Industry 4.0. The whole purpose of test and inspection is to collect actionable data that may be used to reduce defects and maximize efficiency within the manufacturing line. The goal is to minimize scrap and get a really good handle on those process parameters that need to be put in place to manufacture products the right way the first time. For maximum efficiency, three inspection systems are required within the production line. These are solder paste inspection (SPI) post-solder deposition, automated optical inspection (AOI) post-placement, and AOI post-reflow. This requires a substantial investment; however, the combination of all three inspection machines is really the only true way to provide feedback for each stage of the manufacturing process....

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