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Austin American Technology engineers and manufactures high performance cleaning systems. Our systems include batch and inline; aqueous and solvent; spray in air and spray under immersion with ultrasonics.

Burnet, Texas, USA


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Optimizing Batch Cleaning Process Parameters for Removing Lead-Free Flux Residues on Populated Circuit Assemblies

Sep 18, 2009 | Steve Stach, Austin American Corporation, Mike Bixenman, Kyzen Corporation

Electronic assembly cleaning processes are becoming increasingly more complex because of global environmental mandates and customer driven product performance requirements. Manufacturing strategies today require process equivalence. That is to say, if a product is made or modified in different locations or processes around the world, the result should be the same. If cleaning is a requirement, will existing electronic assembly cleaning processes meet the challenge? Innovative cleaning fluid and cleaning equipment designs provide improved functionality in both batch and continuous inline cleaning processes. The purpose of this designed experiment is to report optimized cleaning process parameters for removing lead-free flux residues on populated circuit assemblies using innovative cleaning fluid and batch cleaning equipment designs....

What Cannot Be Cleaned In a Stencil Cleaner

Sep 18, 2009 | Steve Stach, Austin American Technology

The stencil cleaner can be one of the most versatile tools on the manufacturing floor. It can be used to clean electronic modules in various stages of the manufacturing process. In fact, an automated stencil cleaner can clean just about anything you come up against in your PCB assembly process....

Using Hansen Space to Optimize Solvent Based Cleaning Processes for Manufacturing Electronic Assemblies.

Jul 09, 2009 | Steve Stach.

Sometimes you just cannot clean with water. Good examples of this are: circuits with batteries attached, cleaning prior to encapsulation, ionic cleanliness testing, and non-sealed or other water sensitive parts. High impedance or high voltage circuits need to be cleaned of flux residues and other soils to maximize performance and reliability and, in these types of circuits; water can be just as detrimental as fluxes. When solvent cleaning is called for, Hansen solubility parameters can help target the best solvent or solvent blend to remove the residue of interest, and prevent degradation of the assembly being manufactured. In short, using this approach can time, manufacturing cost and reduce product liability....

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