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Proventus Technologies

Proventus has proven experience in creating software tools for the Electronic and Mechanic Manufacturing Industry in Israel and Canada.

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QPlan - NPI Tools included

Oct 29, 2018 | Alexei Shkolnik from Proventus Technologies

We found that NPI process of SMT is mostly similar and sometimes overlapping to tooling process. In addition, in most cases the programmer is part of the team working on the NPI process. So, QPlan was extended with NPI Tools as a part of tooling process. This allows the team to carry out the NPI process at offline. And at the end of it, they can create corrected SMT program at zero time....

Cost effective solution in SMT production: AI and Big Data

Dec 12, 2017 | Alexei Shkolnik (Proventus Technologies)

In recent years, more and more companies with SMT production floor are trying to become more efficient and cut production costs. In most cases, the treatment was carried out problematic processes that visible and easy to find. Now these companies came to look problematic processes that are invisible and hard to find....

First Article – First Time

Sep 22, 2013 | Alexei Shkolnik

The PCB-assembly industry in constantly changing. Smaller footprints, new types of components and larger and more complex designs are accompanied by constant competitive pressures. As a result, electronics manufacturers need to continuously adapt their processes and make sure they exploit every opportunity for efficiency gains. This is the only way to improve quality and time to market and to increase profitability....

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