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Spectrum Technologies Sienna 210D

Spectrum Technologies Sienna 210D

Spectrum Technologies Sienna 210D


Spectrum Technologies Sienna 210D


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Minnesota, USA

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Recently OEM refurbished.

Spectrum Technologies Sienna 210D 

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From the OEM:

"The SIENNA 210D is a dual axis CO2 laser system that provides a higher level of functionality – moving the laser beam in two directions, thus giving two axes of movement. this additional capability allows the machine to perform a cross-cut and slit operation to aid slug removal and window strips to form terminations in the centre of the wire or cable. The standard scan area is 100mm x 100mm (4 inch x 4 inch).

The SIENNA 210D also has the flexibility to adapt to a variety of wire and cable sizes and shapes with the added ability to strip both common and complex wire insulators.

Both systems are easily programmed via the front panel keypads; however a computer software interface is also provided which allows for programming via a PC, thus enabling a large number of wire file programs to be created and stored.

Strips various wire configurations such as:

Single wire
Twin lead
Twisted pairs
Ribbon cables
Multiple wires or cables simultaneously
Dual axis systems are capable of performing cross cuts and slits allowing window strips and patterns programmed via the PC software."

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