Essemtec Expert SAFP

Essemtec Expert SAFP

Essemtec Expert SAFP


Essemtec Expert SAFP


Pick and Place/Feeders

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Arsenal Testhouse GmbH

Expert-SAFP (110V/230V configurable) NEW PRICE EUR30.000,-, now for EUR 15.000 net (excl. Tax) only.

Perfect for fast and reliable Prototyping.

For sale is an Essemtec Expert-SAFP (110V/230V configurable).

The Expert-SAFP is a professinal semi-automatic SMD Pick&Place System ideal for prototyping and small batches manufacturing.

It comes with a new Dell PC, one monitor (see pictures), all necessary software packages are included, any other monitor with VGA/DVI/HDMI can be connected.

Essemtec describes its item as following:

Small batches and prototypes of assembled SMD boards can be mounted quickly and accurately using the Essemtec's EXPERT-SAFP semi-automatic pick-and-place system. The pick-and-place head is air suspended, and moves gently and ergonomically, allowing fast and accurate work.

When the component structure moves to fine-pitch or if a manual alignment is not possible (BGA, microBGA, flip chip), the integrated vision and placement system MPL3100 can help. Its double prisma optical system can display the component and the substrate overlay on one screen. Alignment and placement is then easy and the large zoom range of the optic enables a highly accurate result.

The EXPERT-SAFP placement system is perfectly suited for prototyping because it allows components to be picked from both reels and sticks, and from rest tape strips as well as loose components. A turning station for upside down components standard on the system.

Because fast and precise placement is also a basic requirement in small batch manufacturing, the EXPERT placement system can be connected with computer controls and works in a semi-automatic mode. Placement data can be converted directly from the CAD file or thought point by point. The Windows control software increases productivity - in some cases, it even doubles it - and ensures that the correct component is correctly aligned at the desired place without errors.

Key Features
Smooth pantograph system
Air-sprung mounting head
Integrated lighting
x / y / t micrometer adjustment
Automatic lowering on the PCB
Microprocessor control with LCD display
Dispenser for glue and solder paste
Mounting head for BGA, CSP and flip-chip

Company Information:

Arsenal Testhouse GmbH

Arsenal Testhouse is an independent certification institute, which was founded in 1998 offering electronic testing and prototyping.

Wolfsgraben, Austria

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  • Phone +4366488311935

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