Advantest R3271A

Advantest  R3271A

Advantest  R3271A


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Advantest R3271A

The Advantest R3271A provides the ability to sweep over a wide frequency range from 100 Hz to 26.5 GHz. The R3271A can also perform a log sweep over the range from 1 KHz to 1 GHz.

The Advantest R3271A provides high frequency resolution of up to 10 Hz, which permits analysis of adjacent signals and spurious signals at high frequencies.

The Advantest R3271A provides a precise measurement mode that uses the analyzer’s built-in reference crystal to measure with 1 Hz accuracy signals too weak to measure with a counter.

The Advantest R3271A provides a memory card that can store waveform and control settings and the ability to observe directly the electric field strength and the QP value.

A digital memory CRT screen of the R3271A analyzer displays signal traces without flickering. Digital memory also allows marker functions for accurate and easy reading of trace values.

A zero span mode that allows the analyzer to be set to sweep time of 50 ms. This is useful for analyzing wave bursts and modulation.

The R3271A analyzer’s power supply operates in both of two voltage ranges: 90 V to 132 V, or 198 V to 250 V. It automatically switches to accommodate the proper range.

The R3271A analyzer is designed to resist noise from AC power lines. However you should still take steps to minimize power line noise. If necessary, install a noise suppressing filter in the R3271A analyzer’s power supply.

The R3271A’s adjacent channel peak power feature lets the user calculate how much a signal in one communications channel leaks into adjacent channels. The R3271A analyzer determines the total power over a specified bandwidth and calculates the ratio of the power in each channel to the total signal power.

The coupling functions control the input section of the analyzer. They include the resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, sweep time and RF attenuator. These functions can be operated manually or automatically.

The marker function enables you to superimpose normal markers or a delta marker on the waveform displayed on the screen. The analyzer then displays the frequency and amplitude at the marker position.

The R3271A uses a tracking preselector to increase it’s dynamic range at high frequencies. In the input range from 3.5 GHz to 26.5 GHz for the R3271A, tracking must be adjusted between the preselector’s sweep frequency and the input sweep frequency.

The multimarker function allows displaying up to eight markers on traces A and B simultaneously along with the frequency and level at the marker points.

A variety of data types, including softkey settings and waveform data can be saved using the R3271A’s save and recall functions. Data can be saved in the internal back-up memory or in a memory card and then recall it when needed.

The R3271A’s GPIB is fully compatible with any product that meets the IEEE 488-1978 standard. The GPIB bus allows connecting the analyzer to other GPIB devices more easily than single bus cables, making it easier to construct or modify high-grade measuring systems.


    Two independent channels of digital memory for simultaneous display of two traces..

    Computer controlled operation using a GPIB command set..

    Excel Spectral purity.

    Built in Frequency counter.

    Built-in tracking generator.

    High input sensitivity.

    Memory card function

    BASIC controller equipped as standard

    Various I/O interfaces equipped as standard

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