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Sencore LC103

LC103 Condensed Specifications

IN-CIRCUIT TESTS (Capacitors and Inductors):

- Dynamic in-circuit tests to determine whether the component is good or bad. Component Types: Electrolytic, double layer lytic, tantalum, ceramic, and other capacitors.

   Yokes, flybacks, switching transformers, and coils. Inductor Range: 3.18 uH to 3.18 H

Capacitor Range: 0.002 uF to 20,000 uF

Accuracy: Same as Out-of-Circuit tests for known good inductors and capacitors with no parallel    current paths.

Suggest Removal Indication: Initiated when AC test differs from DC test by more than 20%, or if low level DCR test indicates a leakage path greater than 20% of charge current for capacitors.

CAPACITORS (Out-of-Circuit):

Value: Dynamic test of capacity value is determined by applying a constant current to the capacitor and measuring the dV/dt.

Range: 1 pF to 20 F

Accuracy: ±1%, ±1 pF, ±1 digit for values to 1990 uF, ±5%; 0.1% of range full scale for values 2000 uF to 20 F


Accuracy: ±5%, ±1 digit

Capacitor Range: 0.01 uF to 20 F


Accuracy: ±5% of reading, ±1 count

Range: 1 to 100%

Capacitor Range: 0.01 uF to 20 F


Accuracy: ±5%, ±1 digit

Applied Voltage: Keyboard entry 1.0 to 1000 volts in 0.1 volt steps short circuit current limited to 900 mA

INDUCTORS (Out-of-Circuit):

Value: A dynamic test of value determined by measuring the EMF produced when a changing current

   is applied to the coil under test

Range: 0.1 uH to 20 H

Accuracy: ±2%, ±1 digit, ±0.1 uH


- A dynamic test of inductor quality determined by applying an exciting pulse to the inductor and counting the number of cycles the inductor rings before reaching a preset damping point.

Inductor Range: 10 uH and larger, non-iron core

Accuracy: ±1 count on readings between 8 and 13 Rings Resolution: ±1 count

Exciting Pulse: 5 volts peak


Temperature Operating Range: 32¡ to 104¡ F (0¡ to 40¡ C)

Temperature Range for Specified Accuracy (after 10 minute warm-up): 50¡ to 86¡ F (10¡ to 30¡ C)

Power: 105-130V AC, 60Hz, 30 watts with supplied PA251 power adapter.

   Battery operation with optional BY289 rechargeable battery.

Auto-Off: Removes power during battery operation if unit sits idle longer than 5 minutes.

Battery Life: 2 hours typical operation

HxWxD Size: 6" x 9" x 11.5" (15.2 cm x 22.9 cm x 29.l cm)

Weight: 6.0 lbs. (2.7 kg) without battery, 7.6 lbs. (3.4 kg) with battery

GOOD/BAD Indication: Functions on all tests.

   Requires user input of component type and value, or input of desired limits.

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