Konica Minolta CA-210

Konica Minolta CA-210

Konica Minolta CA-210


Konica Minolta CA-210


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Konica Minolta CA-210

Display Color Analyzer

This refurbished CA210 includes the CA-PU12 Universal Measuring Probe

The predecessor model, CA-110 LCD Color Analyzer, was introduced in 1991, when displays using LCD technology were just about to become available. Since then, LCD and TFT Displays have become the standard technology for Computer Displays as well as many other industries and thus substituting the CRT technology.

Requires a probe to function properly. Please see data sheet and choose the probe you require. Probes are additional cost.

With the new DISPLAY COLOR ANALYZER CA-210, Konica Minolta presents a new reference instrument with highly improved functions and accuracy to confirm its leadership in display measurement technology, while maintaining the ease of use and functionality of the previous model.

Measurement speed has been improved as well as the measuring range that has been expanded for the low luminance range. In addition, a new optical geometry, which reduces the influence of angular dependency of LCD has been applied, so that the CA-210 conforms to IEC norm by using measuring angle of +/- 2.5 degree. Flicker measurement has been built into the same instrument, enabling processing of multiple tasks simultaneously.

    At a maximum speed of 20 cycles per second, the CA210 measures the brightness and color of LCDs and a wide range of other display devices.

    Two different types of probes, each with models having different measurement diameters and cord lengths, are available: Select either a Universal Measuring Probe or an LCD Flicker Measuring Probe based on the display to be measured.

    Capable of measuring luminances as low as 0.1 cd/m2, the CA-210 can be used for gamma correction and measurement. *1

    Color measurements can be obtained with an accuracy of ±0.002 for white and ±0.004 for primary colors. *2

    Uses XYZ filters to approximate CIE 1931 Standard Observer.

    With measurement distances as short as 30±10mm, the CA-210 is perfectly suited to compact system designs.

    With a unique optical system and an acceptance angle of ±2.5 , the effect of view-angle characteristics can be minimized. *3

    Four-digit color display provides higher levels of color precision.

    The CA-210 supports connection of up to 5 sensors. (Sold separately; requires a CA-B14 4-Probe Expansion Board as well as additional probes.)

Optional probes:

Small Universal Measuring Probe (CA-PSU12/CA-PSU15)

LCD Flicker Measuring Probe (CA-P12/CA-P15)

Small LCD Flicker Measuring Probe ( CA-PS12/CA-PS15) - See more at: http://www.testequipmentconnection.com/41222/Konica_Minolta_CA-210.php#sthash.7zrkwVBE.dpuf

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