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KIC KIC2000/START Furnace Temperat

KIC KIC2000/START Furnace Temperat

KIC KIC2000/START Furnace Temperat


KIC KIC2000/START Furnace Temperat


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1. This product is made of imported stainless steel materials from Japan and is enclosed with the original Nano insulation materials from the United States.
2. This product has an extremely long service life. The general time is three to five years without replacing internal materials, which can reduce operating costs. Since the material of the existing KIC insulation sleeve determines the life span is generally three months to six months, or one year(PS: depending on the frequency of use of each manufacturer). Higher prices at the time of purchase, resulting in higher operating costs.
3. The KIC standard configuration of 1/8 of the thermal insulation sleeve has no problem with the lead process. The response to lead will be no problem in a short period of time, and the main body will overheat and burn for a long time. Maintenance costs are generally between 5K blocks and 10K blocks. This product solves your worries. In the general lead-free process 7-10 minutes or more, the internal chip temperature can not exceed 50 degrees.
4. This product has been tested and proved by many well-known manufacturers in the United States for a long time: The protection and insulation effect of this product is excellent. The use of this product can make the temperature of the metal body on the surface of the KIC host and the internal circuit board components compared to the pre-standard insulation box. The temperature will be reduced by more than 30 degrees Celsius; It greatly facilitates the use of customers and improves the efficiency of work. It is very popular with customers.

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