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Koh Young SPI KY8030-3

Koh Young SPI KY8030-3


Koh Young SPI KY8030-3


SPI / Solder Paste Inspection

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Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Solder paste thickness detector
Measurement software:
MC-110-2.5D video observation, image storage, thickness measurement, data recording, background light, laser brightness control, area (square
Shape, irregular polygon, circle) / volume / spacing (X, Y axis) / included angle measurement, can memorize 24 production lines / any number of products.
S.P.C software HSPC2000: according to * product, production line and date range for data query, modification, deletion, export (text and EXCEL
Table), preview, print, can count the average value, value, smaller value, variance, standard deviation, bad number, bad rate, skewness, kurtosis, Ca,
Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, and can draw, preview, and print X-BAR control chart and R control chart (the control parameters can be set by yourself).
Measuring principle:
The non-contact laser measuring instrument uses a *laser to generate a linear beam and project it onto the target to be measured at a certain inclination. Due to the height difference between the target and the substrate, the observed target and the laser beam on the substrate appear intermittently. According to the trigonometric function relationship, the observed drop can be used to calculate the height difference between the target to be measured and the surrounding substrate, so as to realize non-contact fast measurement.
Technical Parameters:
Measuring principle: non-contact, laser beam
Measurement accuracy: ±0.002mm Repeated measurement accuracy: ±0.004mm
Base size: 324mm×320mm
Mobile platform: large-scale rapid positioning, fine-tuning, electromagnetic locking
3D scanning stroke: 10mm 3D scanning drive: stepping servo drive, screw guide rail system
3D measurement: scanning, 3D contour reconstruction, arbitrary measurement
Image system: HD CCD, 640×480 Pixel
Moving platform stroke: 230mm×200mm
Mobile platform size: 320mm×320mm Measurement method: 3D measurement or 2D measurement
Optical magnification: 25~110 ​​times (5 levels adjustable)
Image size: 600×480 Pixel Power supply: 220V~50Hz
Lighting system: ring LED light source (PC control brightness)
Measuring light source: as low as 5.0μm** laser beam
System size: L372mm×W 557mm×H 462mm
Measurement software: MC-110-2.5D/SPC2000 (Windows2000/XP platform)
Power supply: 220/240/1 Phase 50/60HZ
Power: 2.2kw
Weight: 500kg
Volume: 705×1200×1540mm

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