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Panasonic CM20F-M 1KFZ0088

Panasonic CM20F-M  1KFZ0088

Panasonic CM20F-M  1KFZ0088


Panasonic CM20F-M 1KFZ0088


Pick and Place/Feeders





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Machine size: length 1500 * width 2000 * height 1500 (unit: mm)

 Machine structure: 3 groups of placement heads, different nozzles can be replaced automatically

 Machine specifications: standard version, front loading rack and tube loading rack, with automatic TRAY on the back

 Types of parts: can paste all kinds of precision IC, BGA, connectors, Chip parts, Led lamp beads

 Recognition method: linear camera imaging, automatic recognition, high precision, no interference

 Operation mode: host touch screen operation, computer online programming, real-time monitoring of the production process

 The Panasonic CM20F-M multifunction machine is simple to operate, easy to learn and use, with high accuracy and good stability. It can be wired with various high-speed machines or modular machines in front of it, or it can be used as a host alone. Another advantage of its automatic TRAY panel IC cabinet is that when replacing the TRAY panel IC during production, the host does not need to stop and wait. The IC cabinet will automatically send out the empty trays. After the operator loads the IC tray in, the machine will automatically retract it. , This is a function that other brands of multifunction machines do not have.

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