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Samsung SMT Pick and place machine samsung SM421 machine

Samsung SMT Pick and place machine samsung SM421 machine

Samsung SMT Pick and place machine samsung SM421 machine


Samsung SMT Pick and place machine samsung SM421 machine


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Model: SM421

Mounting speed: 1608 Chip 21,000CPH

1005 Chip 20,000 CPH
SOP16:15,000 CPH/feeder
QFP100:5,000 CPH/tray

Component recognition range:0402 ~ □7mm IC (CSP 0.65)

0603 ~ □12mm IC (CSP 0.75) 
~  □17mm IC (0.3P)
~  □42mm IC (0.5P)
~ 72mm connector (0.65P/ MFOV)Placement accuracy:±50μm@μ+3σ/Chip   ±30μm@μ+3σ/QFP

PCB SIZE: 460x400x4.2~50x40x0.38       510x460x4.2~    610x510x4.2~

8mm FEEDER: 102EA

SIZE(mm):1650(L) x 1,680(D) x 1,530(H)

High speed! High productivity!

The medium-speed placement machine reached 21,000 CPH for the first time.

After further improving Samsung's flight vision system, the placement speed of SM321 is increased by more than 10% compared with SM320, reaching the highest component placement of 21,000 CPH in similar medium-speed aircraft, and 5,500 CPH for QFP placement.

Upgraded high-speed mechanical structure

Mounting head structure

High-speed movement is realized by integral casting and weight reduction of the placement head body

Increase speed by using high-speed rotating shaft motor and improved structure

Improved delivery system

Transmission speed increased by 30%

Improved the conveyor belt and shortened the board feed time

By reducing the height of the conveyor belt and improving the edge clamping device, the Z-axis movement distance is shortened

With a new linkage structure, the flatness and ascending movement of the support table are improved (improved the adaptability of the flexible PCB)

High resolution vision system

The new megapixel camera (SM321B type) can be mounted without the need to replace the camera. O603~□22mm Chip, SOP, QFP, BGA and CSP

Standard pixel flying camera: FOV 25mm (1005~□22mm)

Megapixel flying camera: FOV 25mm (1005~□22mm)

More convenient

In order to facilitate users to adopt new keyboard and USB interface

With the function of measuring Cpk value on the device (optional)

More flexible

Provide various types of equipment according to user needs

1005 ~ 55mm: SM321-A type (6 standard pixel camera)

0603 ~ 55mm: SM321-B type (6-megapixel camera)

Large size PCB (L610×510mm): SM321-L type (special customization)

IT (Intelligent component registration) system (optional)

Fully Intelligent System: Automatic component registration based on Oracle

Semi-intelligent system: semi-automatic component registration for each device

Smart feeder system

IT feeder system provides wrong material prevention and automatic component recognition function

It can automatically identify and prevent the occurrence of wrong materials, thereby preventing possible losses due to operator errors

In addition, it can use the component information stored in the database to confirm the number of remaining components and effectively manage materials

Batch tracking system (optional)

Use SM series IT feeder system management

Save the complete historical data of each product in the centralized data, batch tracking data can be integrated with the data of other companies

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Our company deals in the following products: Brand: Fuji, Juki, Panasonic, Yamaha, Samsung, Siemens, Sony, Universal, etc. SMT Accessories:Nozzle, feeder, filter, belt, sensor, cylinder, valve, feeder parts, bearing, etc.

ShenZhen,GuangDong, China


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