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ASM Siemens SIPLACE HS60/1099-12033475

ASM Siemens SIPLACE HS60/1099-12033475

ASM Siemens SIPLACE HS60/1099-12033475


ASM Siemens SIPLACE HS60/1099-12033475


Pick and Place/Feeders

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SIPLACE HS-60 Placement Station
Performance Specification
● Placement rate: 60,000 cph
● Placement accuracy: +/- 0.080mm@ 4 sigma
● Component sizes: up to 19.0mm x 19.0mm (0201 chips to PLCC44)
● PCB Dimms (Single conveyor): 50 x 50mm to 368 x 460mm /
2"x2" to 14.5"x18"
● PCB Dimms (Dual Conveyor): 50x50mm to 368x216mm /
2"x2" to 14.5"x8.5"
● Feeder slots for up to 144 8mm tapes
● Feeder types: tape, bulkcase

Facilities Requirements:
● Power. 208V 3 phase, 30A per phase, 10KW
● Air. 100psi @ 34cfm

Station configuration Includes:
● Four Independent X I Y gantries with a 12 nozzle revolver head on each
● Four feeder changeover tables
● Four automatic waste tape cutters
● One five section conveyor with automatic width control
● One station computer with two touch screen monitors and keyboards
● Two vision processors with four fiducial cameras, four component cameras, and programmable Illumination
● One Service Box
● Adaptive pickup offset correction
● Adaptive PCB warpage correction
● Programmable component placement force
● Graphical User Interface

Capacity 60000 u/h
Type Automatic
PCB length 368 mm
PCB width 460 mm
Weight 3500 kg
Worked hours
Hours under power
State good
At local norms ---------

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