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Global Active Wave Soldering Machine GMS200

Global Active Wave Soldering Machine GMS200

Global Active Wave Soldering Machine GMS200


Global Active Wave Soldering Machine GMS200


Soldering - Wave

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We are looking for overseas distributor / agent for our range of lead free wave soldering machines .The machine includes the following main features:

Spray Fiuxer:

1) Oriental motor drives the flux spraying system. Spraying speed is

adjusted according to PCB board width and moving speed to ensure

even spraying all time.

2) From absorb type spraying system ensures stable and even spray

of flux. Different types of flux can be quickly changed without cleaning

the spraying system.

Preheating section:

1) 2 section Independent temperature regulation preheating area

provides sufficient preheating space.

2) Length 800mm

3) Heat is generated by Philip heaters for even temperature.

Lead-free Solder pot:

1) Anti corrosive Ti pot liner is suitable for lead-free process and is


2) Double waves of tin pot are both of variable frequency stepless

model, with independent wave height control.

Software control system:

1) IPC/Siemens PLC control system provides premier reliability.

2) Standard configuration includes 3 PCB board temperature test

points, capable of measuring 3 temperature curves.

Options : Pressure Pot

Item Descriptions Technical Specifications

1 System Control Method PC Control with Windows based

operating system

2 Conveyor Width Max.250mm OPTIONS : 300mm

3 PCB Conveyor Direction Left to right

4 PCB size 50-250mm

5 PCB Soldering Angle 4-7°

6 Claw washing motor 220V 10W

7 PCB feeding height 750±50?

8 Preheating area temperature room temperature?200?


9 Preheating area length 800mm

10 Preheating area quantity 2 sections

11 Preheating temperature control mode PID + analog value

12 Nozzle flow shifting mode oriental motor (SANYO)

13 Solder pot capacity 130kg

14 Solder pot temperature Max. room temperature-350degrees

15 Tin oven temperature control mode PID control

16 Wave motor 380V 200×2 variable frequency stepless speed

regulation (Japanese)

17 Power supply 3?380V 50HZ

18 Total power Approx. 19KW

19 Dimension 1800(L)* 1350(W)* 1600(H)mm (without guide


20 Flux spraying mode Oriental motor

21 Weight Approx.750?

22 Flux flow volume 10-100ml/min

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