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Global Active Lead Free Reflow Oven SM series

Global Active Lead Free Reflow Oven SM series

Global Active Lead Free Reflow Oven SM series


Global Active Lead Free Reflow Oven SM series


Soldering - Reflow

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PC Control System

Huge memory capacity or data storage with Windows program

provide user friendly data analysis

- Storage of entire year of production records and information ,

graphic analysis , machine trouble-shooting records…etc

- Excellent on-line thermo-graph monitoring & analysis, data

storage & setting , convenient for production application

Heat Zone

- Individual module heat zone design facilitate easy maintenance

Hot Air Micro Circulation System By Jet Nozzles

- Independently upper and lower-deck heating element systems

with individually air force circulation control, specially designed for

lead-free soldering technology maintain depletion temperature of

PCB at +/- 2 degrees C

- Prevents non heated areas and shadowing

- Our high performance heating elements generates the hot air

rapidly with low velocity hot air heating to the PCB & components

- High performance convection motor ensures stable voltage

output with life time warranty

Forced Cooling System

- Specialized design cooling zones provides the best cooling

environment for the PCB after the solder process

- External closed loop industrial chiller ( Optional )

Auto Lubrication Rail Device

- Increase the reliability for both the chain & rail?resulting in

stable transmission .

Transmission System

- High rigidity & strength special aluminum-alloy rail design with

double flex clearance base ensures non deformation even in very

high temperature condition

Safety & Maintenance

- The upper construction adopts electrical screw type lift-up

device, safe and easy for maintenance .

- Electrical failure protection function by UPS which ensure the

PCB output from the system

Specifications :

SM 7 SM 8 SM 9

Overall dimensions?L×W×H? 4380 x 1480 x 1550 mm

4725 x 1480 x 1550 mm 5060 x 1480 x 1550 mm

Power supply 3 phase 5 wires 380V 50/60Hz

Start up power 49 KW 56 KW 63 KW

Running power 9.5 KW 11 KW 12.5 KW

Independent heat zone 14 zone 16 zone 18 zone

Length of heat zone 2380 mm 2720 mm 3060 mm

Number of cooling zones 2+2 ( 800mm )

PCB width Max. 360 mm Option 460mm

Width of mesh 480 mm

Temperature control PID

Range of temp. setting room temp – 350 degrees C

Temperature accuracy +/- 1 degree C

Heating mode upper & lower heating individual

Warm-up period Approx 20 minutes

Mesh driven motor 1 Phase 220V 60W

Mesh transmission speed 0.6 – 1.8M/min

Transmission method CM : Both chain & mesh

Thermo-profile display Inclusive

Control Mode Computer control

Weight 1500 kg 1600 kg 1700 kg

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