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Yamaha SMD Chip Counter

Yamaha SMD Chip Counter

Yamaha SMD Chip Counter


Yamaha SMD Chip Counter


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SMD Chip Counter CU2000B


By using the principle of photoelectric sensing, COU2000 Series SMT Chip Counter can take the advantage of the relations between the sprocket holes and the parts and count the SMD parts accurately and quickly. It is the high-efficient auxiliary equipment for SMT material management.

Lox cost expansibility:

Using ARGOX OS214 for printing and ARGOX AS8110 for scanning the bar code :

The particulars on the printed label include time, quantity and the specifications of the parts, which can be used as the logging data for material automation management.

Patent Exterior

The tilted operation panel can make the user watch the screen and the parts in the carrier.

● High accuracy, error free;

● Suitable for packaging of SMD common reels

● It can also count the parts with the reversed direction and can double-check and conduct pre-set counting.

● Easy operation, unique design for preventing the tape from dropping, which minimizes the damage to the tape.


● Label printing : ARC OXQS 214TT

● Bar code reading : ARCOX AS 8110

● Pocket check : KEYENCE FS-V21R/FU-7

● Standby power : 4AH


Power:AC220V, 50Hz, 25W

Counting range : -59999 to 59999pcs

Dimension :410×235×240mmW×D×H

Weight :9 Kg

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