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SOLDERING MASTER series of intelligent lead-free soldering stationpossess four patents(one patent of innovation, two patents of utility model,one patent of design). It is the hardwork achievement of our engineers,technicians and experts in hand-solder. Its generation will push forward thehand-solder technology in a higher level, stir up a great mass fervor in handsoldertools, and lead a new revolutionary in hand-solder tools.In use of the soldering station, you can solve the troubles as below:Trouble 1: Manually measure the temperature at first, then press thebutton to compensate the temperature difference.Trouble 2: Temperature inaccurate, or the display temperature is noequal to actual temperature.Trouble 3: In order to chase the operation speed, the worker increasesthe temperature of the soldering station controller withoutpermission,which causes a big difference between the display temperature,and actual temperature. For the phenomenon, it is very difficult forthe supervisor to find or control.Features of Soldering Master:1 . With function of adjusting temperature automatically2 . With function of sensor dormancy3 . Accurate temperature:static temperature ±1℃4 . Large screen of display interface5 . Function operation very convenient6 . Comfortable soldering handle, replace the soldering tips veryconveniently7 . Durable soldering tipsWhat benefits the Soldering Master will bring to you:1、The Soldering Master series of intelligent lead-free solderingstation can keep the display temperature the same as the actualtemperature all the time.2、The temperature is very precise, because the temperture can beadjusted once you put the soldering tips on the sensor of thetemperature adjusting module regularly, normally within 30secs.3、Improve the rate of qualified soldering products4、Save the labor the cost

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Hefei Bajin Trading Co., Ltd.

We specially supply ESD products and high temperature tapes such as ESD rubber mat,ESD chair,ESD wrist strap,ESD foot grounder, ESD brush,ESD boot,ESD gloves ect.

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