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Torch TN360C

Torch TN360C

Torch TN360C


Torch TN360C


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Intelligent hot air lead-free reflow Oven with six heating-zones TN360C


1: Heating system: TN360C adopts high effective nickel-chromium heating tube with advanced technology and Long life service. The hot-air circle system which design by Torch, it warm up quickly and make PCB component be heated totally.

2: Protection system: It adopts a SSR solid relay of big current and high pressure resistant to non-contact output, Safety and reliably. It can monitor the change of temperature and heat number in furnace chamber with the functions fuzzy control and data collection. Then control the heating component with the least pulse and response quickly. TO keeps the Temperature control accuracy, but the equipment can not be damage for the high current and high voltage. And each room fits a safety pipe which is high temperature and high pressure resistant function so that the whole system can run safely and calmly.

3: Accuracy control by IPC and PID intelligent arithmetic. According to the PID intelligent calculation, heat output can be controlled accurately and response to the change of outside to balance the temperature. The whole system has a modularized design. It is convenient to maintenance and disassembles

4: Outer shell and furnace body of TN360C can be opened wholly and automatically. It is convenient to clean and maintain it.


Main features for TN360C:

  1. Intuitional welding control: TN360C adopts advanced furnace temperature collection system. It can test temperature curve and temperature in furnace hearth. The temperature curve can be recorded or printed at the same time.

  2. Smooth and safe transmission system: Drive system adopts a high quality conversion motor and conversion system .It also has a closed-loop governor and Turbine speed reducing box of 1:100 to keep running smoothly .Speed:0-1600mm/min.

  3. Stable and safe electric control system: Delay switch protection. After power off, temperature drops evenly so that can prevent damage to transmission component and heater.

  4. Power-off protection: To keep PCB output normal. Windows operating platform has a strong functions and high stability.

  5. Upper and lower heating zones can be controlled separately. The circulation speed can also adjust individually. It is suitable for welding different kinds of PCB plates and components. 

Company Information:

Beijing Torch SMT Co., Ltd. found in 2001, and has a strong force on R&D and manufacture of SMT and PCB production line

Beijing, China


  • Phone 8610-60509015-866

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