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MPM HIE Printers AP/B HiE

MPM HIE Printers AP/B HiE

MPM HIE Printers AP/B HiE


MPM HIE Printers AP/B HiE


Screen Printers




Texas, USA

Offered by:



2d vision

Understencil Cleaner

Fine Pitch

Year 2000

*Print Area:

2” x 2” to 18” x 16”

*Board Size:

2” x 2” to 20” x 16”

*Stencil Frame Size:

29" x 29"

*Vision Specifications:

Viewing Capability: 17.5” x 16”

Field of View: 0.375” Horizontal x 0.300” Vertical

Maximum Teach Area: 0.130” Square

Pattern or Fiducial:

· All conventional fiducials acceptable

Including circles, squares, bow ties,

and donuts, as well as standard

component pads.

Accuracy: + 0.001” (+.0254)

Repeatability: + 0.0005 (+ 13 microns)

*Programmable Squeegee:

Maximum Squeegee Travel: 18” (457mm)

Squeegee Speed: 0.25” to 5” per second.

Pressure: 1 to 60 lbs. (.453kg to 27 kg)

Down Stop: Adjustable attack angle,

Squeegee sizes up to 19” (483mm)


115V or 220V, 60Hz, 30 amp


80 to 125 psi at 4 cfm


Conveyor Length: 51” standard to 66” optional

Machine Width: 47” (1194mm)

Machine Depth: 66.5” (1689mm)

Machine Height: 54” plus 7” adjustment

Shipping Weight: 1500 lbs. (667 kg)

Company Information:


Supplier of Electronic Assembly Equipment and Solutions

Horseheads, New York, USA

Equipment Dealer / Broker / Auctions

  • Phone 607-426-4846

SMTS LTD. website

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