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Camalot XY Flex 7000

Camalot XY Flex 7000

Camalot XY Flex 7000


Camalot XY Flex 7000


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This is a 4 Head In-line XY Flex Dispensing Machine.

This is a 4 Head In-line XY Flex dispensing machine that is fast, flexible and has minimal footprint. Camalot XYFLEX can achieve throughput three to four times faster than traditional single-head dispensers (depending on application) for Chip-on -Board and dam-and-fill encapsulants or flip chip underfill. Designed with four independently programmable dispenser units, XYFLEX uses an innovative high-speed gantry system that occupies just 1 1/2 times the space of a single-head dispenser. Camalot's new continuous flow multi-piston pump is designed to meet repeatability requirements of better than +/- 1%. Automated weight calibration system is designed to ensure the accuracy of your packaging process and simplify process setup. The XYFLEX dispensing system provides high yields for greater profitability of your production line.

* Contact Heat in each zone to maintain substrates at precise temperatures
* Heated Dispense Units are optional for line dispensing to maintain liquids at proper dispensing temperature.
* Auto Align Vision System with die edge detection in each zone for accurate dispensing alignment.

Power requirements:

200 V

3 Phase

50/60 Hz

20 Max Amp.

Company Information:

Key Tech Solutions is a seller of used electronic Manufacturing equipment while also selling the items it manufactures. These Items are; Stainless Steel Wash Baskets, Custom Stencil and parts racks and Electronic Plant Set up

Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA


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