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sciencgo Axial insertion machine XG2000

sciencgo Axial insertion machine XG2000

sciencgo Axial insertion machine XG2000


sciencgo Axial insertion machine XG2000


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Item name and model:Sciencgo Axial Insertion machine XG-2000

Jump wire insertion and Axial lead components insertion. (2 in 1), rotary table turn clockwise or anticlockwise.

Feature: special servo control system, merge JW and axial insertion into one machine. Jump wire no need sequencing in tape, feed in machine directly from cylinder, save 50%. Higher density and more perfect. Application software bases on windows2000 operating system, user friendly interface, bring you better quality and higher efficiency.


1.Insertion rate:24000PCS / H

2.Non-performing rate:Less than 200 PPM

3.Insert direction:Parallel 0°,90°,180°,270°

4.Components span:Two-Hole Distance 5.0mm-20mm(Insert jumper wire can reach 5mm-30mm)

5.PCB Size:(Min)50 mm x50mm、(Max)450mm x 450mm

6:PCB thickness:0.79mm-2.36mm

7.Components available:Capacitors, transistors, diodes, resistors, fuse and so on, must be Tape packed electronic components.

8.Jumper Wire (JW):Independent feed device, no need sequencing.. diameter 0.5mm-0.7mm copper wire plated with tin.

9.Clinch Length:1.2-2.2MM (adjustable)

10.Clinch degree:10-35°(adjustable)

11.Machine Size (L × W ×H):1800mm×1600mm×1800mm

12:Machine Weight:700kg

13.Power supply:220V, AC (single phase) 50/60 HZ, 1.5KVA;

14.System Protection:UPS, keep machine run 15 minutes without power

15.Working Power:1200W (Energy-saving)

16.Air pressure:0.5 Mpa

17.Air consumption:0.2 m3/minute

18:Circumstance temperature:5-25°

19.Machine noise:65 dB

20.Coordinate correction:Machine vision systems, multi-point MARK vision correction.

21.Driving system:AC Servo、 AC motors

22.Data input:USB interface input (EXCEL format)

23.Control System:English version interface (WINDOWS system control platform)LCD monitor

24.Rotary table:Clockwise or anticlockwise

25.PCB transfer mode:Manual / automatic optional

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