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Philips CSM

Philips CSM


Philips CSM


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We have hundreds of feeders for Philips/Assembleon CSM 46 and CSM 60.

8 mm : 25 euro

12 mm: 45 euro

16 mm: 55 euro

24 mm pneumatic: 250 euro. Only few pcs.

32 mm pneumatic: 375 euro. Only few pcs.

Nozzle 0603/0805/1206 for CSM46/60/84, new: € 60.00.

Nozzle 0603/0805/1206 for CSM46/60/84, used: € 45.00.

Nozzle E (melf) for CSM 46/60/84, new: € 45.00.

Placement head including jaws for SO components for CSM46/60/84: EUR 250.00

Placement head including jaws for chip components for CSM46/60/84: EUR 290.00

In good working condition.

Minimum order value is 500 euro.

Packing and shipping within Europe is 150 euro, independent of the number of feeders you order.

Packing and shipping to the USA: 275 USD, independent of the number of feeders you order.

We also have many spare parts for CSM46, CSM60 and CSM 84.


Company Information:

We assemble electronics for third parties. Through-hole, SMT, and labour intensif technical assembly. Small and medium series in The Netherlands, medium and large series in Romania. Contact Mr. R. Sin

Eindhoven, Netherlands

  • Phone +31-40-2419111

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