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Philips Sapphire

Philips Sapphire

Philips Sapphire


Philips Sapphire


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Sapphire 1998 with less than 8400 hours.

Short Description: Philips Assembleon Sapphire, a versatile high speed placement machine capable of placing 25,000 components per hour. 0402 capable on the small side and up to PLCC’s 25 mm on the larger side.

Technical specs on the Philips Sapphire: High speed placement system Dual gantry machine (2) - 12 nozzle heads Output: up to 25,000 CPH Applicable components: 0402 to PLCCs 25 mm sq. incl. QFP with 0.65 lead pitch. Multiple voltage electrical taps 208 V, 220 V, 330V, 440V, 480V. Single phase.

Capabilities: the Sapphire is like 2 Topaz put together. That is why you see the dual gantry, except there are even more heads on each gantry. It is capable of placing components on 2 PCB’s at a time and can be programmed to place part of each under each gantry that is why it is rated nearly two times as fast as the Topaz. Rated at up to 25,000 cph. The feeders that you can have on one side is approximately 60 feeders (8mm) on the front side before you even need to use the rear side.

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Key Tech Solutions is a seller of used electronic Manufacturing equipment while also selling the items it manufactures. These Items are; Stainless Steel Wash Baskets, Custom Stencil and parts racks and Electronic Plant Set up

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