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SUPPLIER:  Waves Technology

Universal Instruments Universal GSM2

Universal Instruments Universal GSM2

Universal Instruments Universal GSM2


Universal Instruments Universal GSM2


Pick and Place/Feeders





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Waves Technology

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We are Waves Technology from India/Karnataka(Mysore). And We want to sell your PCB Assembling Equipment "Pick & Place" Machine. Below i am sending you the details of the machine. If you are interested please do let me know. 

The USOS version & machine builds include:

1. UPS 1.4 and higher

2. IM-UPS 1.0 and higher

3. Platform Machines L-block and higher

4. Axail 6292C, 6293C,6241F and higher

5. Radial 6380 radial8 & higher

Operating Systems:


2.Windows 3.x and above

3.Windows 95 and above

4.Window NT version 4 and above

System Requirements:

1.IBM@ compatible PC

2.Ms Windows@ or compatible operating system

3.Adobe Acrobat Reader w/Search 3.0 or higher

4.386 or equivalent processor

5.4MB Ram

6.5MB Hard disk space

7.Double speed CD-ROM drive.etc

Parts: With all  types of Nozzles , feeders , all software CD's , floppy's.

1. Heads

(i) 4 spindle Heads , Part no.- T44457406

(ii) Chipjet Head Assembly , Part no.- T46753801

2. Camera

(i) C4 Camera , Part no.- T4553107

(ii) Upward looking camera , Part no.- T46721800

(iii) 2.6 mega/pixel ULC - GSM , Part no.- T47063201

3. Conveyor

-Single, left to right : Part no.- T46102002

4. Feeders:

(i)   8mm tape - 25

(ii)  12mm "   - 10

(iii) 16mm "   - 5

(iv)  24mm "   - 5

(v)   36mm "   - 5

(vi)  Stick    - 1

(vii) Tray     - 1

* And there are all types of nozzles. Total = 25Nos.

Machine Software UPS V3.2.3 supplement B

Machine Software UPS 3.2.0/3.2.3

Software Device Drivers and Utilities.

Price: US$20000.00(Its not fixed can be negotiable).

Will looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanking you.

With Regards,

For Waves Technology,


MOB: 91 9448402051, 91 9900101436

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