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TRI, Omron. HP, Cyber Optics all Type of AOI, ICT, X-Ray


TRI, Omron. HP, Cyber Optics all Type of AOI, ICT, X-Ray


X-Ray Inspection

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CS Technology

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HP ICT 3070  

HP X-Ray 5300-5DX-S2L 2114489 1998

Phoenix X-Ray (2D) SENTRY 160 SEN01A0002-77805 2005.3

DAGE X-Ray XL6500 OMXL0123 2002

Nicolet X-Ray全自动检查机 NXR-1400-I  

Sony SPI CPC-1500 A0020068 2002

Sony SPI CPC-1500 A0020069 2002

CyberOptics SPI SE300 Ultra 10176 2003

CyberOptics SPI SE300 Ultra 10133 2003

Omron SPI 3F5VT-WIN B91047301-866…339 

Omron SPI 3F5VT-WIN A99889001-725…239 

Omron AOI (VT-RNS) VT-RNX-MZ 0384Z05-0294 2005/2006

Omron AOI (VT-WIN) 3F5VT-WIN-L3H3-CE A90430401-915-283 

Surftec AOI SV-28C SV-0315 2004

Surftec AOI SV-28C SV-0316 2004

Surftec AOI SV-28C SV-0321 2004

SAKI AOI 旧人工视觉零件检测机系统 BF25Hx-B 621510 2001.12

SAKI AOI 旧人工视觉零件检测机系统   

Sony AOI CPC-1000RH A0010565 

Samsung AOI AI500TC LC-0082-F4 

Samsung AOI AI500TC LC-0078-F4 

Samsung AOI AI500TC LC-0062-F7 

Samsung AOI AI500TC LC-0076-FB 

HANEOL AOI HV-3100T 70-04-357 2004.5

MVP AOI 1820 SUPRA 2042 2004.11

Orbotech奥宝 锡膏检测机 SYMBION P36 SY054014 

LKT 检查仪   2006

Agilent AOI SJ50 IE41500307 2007.9

TRI AOI TR7100 70588 2002

TRI AOI TR7100 70583 2004

TRI AOI TR7100 70836 2004

TRI AOI TR7100 KT3-36A350 2003

韩国 AOI   

CyberOptics AOI KS100  

CyberOptics AOI SE300 20301 2008

CyberOptics 锡厚检查仪 LSM 500 5343 1992.4

CyberOptics 锡膏厚度测试仪 PRS 30  

CyberOptics 锡膏/组件厚度位置检测仪. SENTRY 2000 350027 1997

CyberOptics 锡膏/组件厚度位置检测仪. SENTRY 2000 350059 1997

Cyberoptics 锡膏厚度检测仪(2D) Auto LSM no: 8000679 210092 1999.3

CyberOptics 锡膏/组件厚度位置检测仪. SENTRY 2 7431 

GSI 锡膏/组件厚度位置检测仪. SVS 8100 81000100243 

Sawa Stencil Cleaner SC-A21E ex.1075345 2004.3 M

Panasert IPKV2 (基板检查机) NM-TA00A 93T02662 1999 M

Panasert IPKV (基板检查机) NM-2654 67T01762 1996 M

Panasert IPKV (基板检查机) NM-2654 65T01162 1996 M

Panasert IPJ-V (焊膏印刷检测设备) NM-2657 81T01658 1998.1 M

Panasert IPJ-V (焊膏印刷检测设备) NM-2657 6XT00403 1996.10 M

Panasert IPV (焊膏印刷检测设备) NM-TD10 041T01862 2004

Panasert IPV (焊膏印刷检测设备) NM-TD10 041T01762 2004

Panasert IPV (焊膏印刷检测设备)  041T01462 2004.01

Panasert IPV (焊膏印刷检测设备)  046T00762 2004.06

Panasert IPV (焊膏印刷检测设备)  03XT00562 2003.1

Panasert IPV (焊膏印刷检测设备)  03XT00462 2003.1

Panasert IPV (焊膏印刷检测设备)  038T01362 2003.1

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