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1clickmachine HC-6S

1clickmachine  HC-6S

1clickmachine  HC-6S


1clickmachine HC-6S


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Stencil Cleaning Machine-(Single-bath) HC-6S

【Main Features and Advantages】

★.Totally pneumatic logic control and drive systems are adopted with higher efficiency, speed and safety. This is the most commonly used and recommended practice in steel net cleaning industry. It is also equipped with high-efficiency rotary atomization and injection arm and four-stage filter for recycled use with simple maintenance. The whole body is made of stainless steel to ensure longer life. Usually, 5-minute cleaning and 5-minute blow drying are enough to meet your requirement in most cases.

★.Totally pneumatic system to prevent electric spark and provide high safety for volatile liquid

★. Liquid is filtered with four-stage filters for recycled use and lower cost

★. Pressure Spray Wash VS Ultrasonic Clean: Ultrasonic is dangerous to solvent for its flammability. Ultrasonic will damage the glue & tension of stencil, Ultrasonic clean is obsolete and is being replaced gradually by the safe & effective pressure spray wash.


1. Cleaner is used to clean steel nets or PCBs and can remove solder paste and residual flux effectively.

2. Dual-bath pneumatic cleaner: The two operating chambers placed on both left and right sides can work independently with no interference to each other. It occupies less space and works efficiently and also can be custom-made per your request.

3. High-pressure showering instead of ultrasonic cleaning system: Ultrasonic system is dangerous to liquid and may also damage the yellow glue that is stuck to the steel net. Now the ultrasonic system is fading out from the market and generally safe, efficient and automatic high-pressure showering system is used in foreign countries.

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