Wavecrest DTS-2077

Wavecrest DTS-2077

Wavecrest DTS-2077


Wavecrest DTS-2077


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High Performance Timing Analyzer

The DTS-207x Series Digital Time Scope (DTS) is designed for applications where timing accuracy is critical. The DTS provides direct, real-time measurements without the associated errors during the sampling and transformation of data while waiting for a waveform to be displayed. The result is a precision instrument capable of measuring time between two events with a resolution of 800 femtoseconds and single-shot measurement accuracy of ±25 picoseconds (ps).

The DTS represents a dramatic departure from the traditional digital sampling oscilloscope (DSO) approach to critical timing functions. The DSO approach takes a time frame and then measures the number of events occurring within that time frame to arrive at a figure for elapsed time between each event. The DTS approaches the measurement algorithm as absolute; time between any twoevents is actual, measurable and quantifiable.

The DTS is intended for AC characterization, with the added benefit of N.I.S.T. traceability, in applications ranging from ATE test head deskew to bench top device test and computer clock distribution. In addition, the DTS is well suited for scientific and engineering applications which require timing accuracy and resolution more precise then other available instruments can provide.

The DTS achieves greater accuracy with fewer readings in less time than digital scopes or other types of time domain measurement devices. Long-term measurement accuracy and linearity of the DTS is due to built-in calibration options that can be initiated by the user at any time.

The DTS incorporates a three-card timing measurement subsystem, a single-card Central Processing Unit, a comparator card, a front panel for operator control of the instrument, ovenized crystal oscillator, power supplies, and an IEEE-488 interface. Signals to the DTS are inputted through SMA connectors on the front panel. The front panel (Figure 1-3) provides the means for controlling, monitoring, and communicating with all time measurement functions of the DTS.

The DTS-2077 uses a comparator-based front end to make a single-shot time measurement. For details of DTS systems, refer to reference [2]. Low Frequency Modulation is a special function of the VISI6 software. It measures a burst of n input events and the associated time jitter. This gives one jitter measurement sample. To get a series of jitter measurement samples, this measurement is continued for a burst of samples. Then an FFT is applied to the time jitter series generating a jitter spectrum in the frequency-domain.

The FFT spectrum noise floor is affected by the spectral resolution of the Time Digitizer function. In other words, the smaller the spectral resolution, the lower the jitter noise floor and vice versa. For a given maximum frequency, the larger the burst sample, the smaller the spectral resolution. In VISI6 this value is input into the Minimum Data Points box. The largest burst sample that this software tool can make is 16384. However, increasing this number will increase the measurement time.

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