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Quad QSP QSV Feeder Base

Quad QSP QSV Feeder Base

Quad QSP QSV Feeder Base


Quad QSP QSV Feeder Base


Pick and Place/Feeders




Ohio, USA

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Mixed Logic

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70 position removable IQ ( Intelligent ) Surface Mount Tape Feeder Base for QUAD Q series pick and place machines. The detachable base will work with intelligent IQ software that can access information on individual feeders and locate feeders on the base. It will also work with machines that do not have the IQ feature enabled. Including but not limited to QUAD QSV-1 / Plus, QSP-2, QSX-1 and APS-1 machines. The base is in good condition and all feeder contact points appear to be in excellent shape with no signs of burn marks or pad damage.

      These will also fit on C series machines but may stick out the side by a couple of inches. The handles are removable. These are the same dimensions for height and width as Quad C series bases. You would also change the connector if the C series machine was designed for common buss non IQ bases.


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