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A leader in software solutions for electroncs design, Mentor Graphics is the only EDA company with a total end-to-end solution for design though manufacturing.

Wilsonville, Oregon, USA

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Mentor Announces 27th Annual PCB Technology Leadership Awards Program

Apr 13, 2017 | Mentor, a Siemens business, today announced the call-for-entries of its 27th annual Technology Leadership Awards (TLA) competition, continuing its tradition of recognizing excellence in printed circuit board (PCB) design. Started in 1988, this program is the longest running competition of its kind in the electronic design automation (EDA) industry. It recognizes engineers and CAD designers who use the innovative technology provided by Mentor Graphics Corporation to address today’s complex PCB systems design challenges and produce industry-leading products.

TSMC Collaborates With Mentor Graphics, Enabling Design and Verification Tools for New InFO Technology Variants

Jan 11, 2017 | Mentor Graphics today announced that TSMC has extended its collaboration with Mentor Graphics on the Xpedition® Enterprise platform in conjunction with the Calibre® platform for the design and verification of TSMC’s InFO (Integrated Fan-Out) packaging technology for multi-chip and chip-DRAM integration applications. Mentor developed new Xpedition functionality specifically to support InFO and enable the IC package designer to complete design tasks to TSMC specification. By leveraging the capabilities of both the Calibre and HyperLynx® technologies, the new Xpedition functionality minimizes the designer effort and design rule checking (DRC) cycles required to achieve a DRC-clean InFO GDS file.

Mentor Graphics SystemVision Improves Siemens Building Technologies’ PCB Design Flow Worldwide

Sep 26, 2016 | Mentor Graphics today announced that Siemens Building Technologies has deployed Mentor’s SystemVision® product to Siemens printed circuit board (PCB) design teams around the world, providing an upfront, mechatronic simulation environment and a qualified, central library for the Mentor Graphics® Xpedition® Enterprise PCB design flow. Early simulation using the SystemVision tool allows designers to make design decisions regarding component tradeoffs, find design mistakes, and verify their designs before PCB layout. The central library allows teams to exchange projects around the world, which eliminates errors due to using different libraries and tools for simulation and PCB layout.

Mentor Graphics Announces PADS PCB Product Creation Platform with Voltage Drop and Electronic Cooling Capabilities

May 05, 2016 | Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced a comprehensive product-creation platform based on PADS® PCB software that enables individual engineers and small teams to solve the engineering challenges involved in creating today’s electronic products. With increasing systems design complexity and the need for printed circuit board (PCB), mechanical and systems engineers to access easy-to-deploy tools, the PADS platform has been extended to enable engineers to develop PCB-based systems from concept through manufacturing hand-off.

Mentor Graphics Announces a Secure Plug-and-Play IoT Device and Data Acquisition Solution for Electronics Manufacturing

Mar 16, 2016 | Mentor Graphics Corporation today announced the Valor® internet of things (IoT) Manufacturing solution, a robust hardware device with embedded software for live data collection from all shop-floor machines and processes, leveraging the new Open Manufacturing Language (OML) communication standard. The Valor IoT Manufacturing product enables seamless implementation of advanced practices such as Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory, with plug-and-play deployment and minimal change to the manufacturing environment and work processes.

Mentor Automotive announces Safety Certifiable Digital Instrument Cluster Solution

Oct 18, 2015 | Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced the availability of the Mentor® Automotive Safety Certifiable Digital Instrument Cluster solution enabling safety-critical driver information to be displayed simultaneously with rich 3D graphics on a single instrument cluster display. The software architecture is implemented on a multi-core and even on single-core System-on-Chip, and features very fast boot time. This new solution addresses a key problem for the automotive OEMs: How to migrate safety-critical driver information to full-featured, graphically-rich digital instrument clusters and comply with safety standards including ISO 26262, without pushing up hardware or safety certification costs.

Mentor Graphics Launches Xpedition Package Integrator Flow for IC-Package-Board Design

Mar 23, 2015 | Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced its new Xpedition® Package Integrator flow, the industry’s broadest solution for integrated circuit (IC), package, and printed circuit board (PCB) co-design and optimization. The Package Integrator solution automates planning, assembly and optimization of today’s complex multi-die packages. It incorporates a unique virtual die model concept for true IC-to-package co-optimization. In support of early marketing-level studies for a proposed new device, users can now plan, assemble and optimize complex systems with minimal source data. The new Package Integrator flow allows design teams to realize faster and more efficient physical path finding and seamless tool integration for rapid prototyping, right to the production flow.

HyperLynx Alliance Accelerates High-Speed Design-Ins and Verification

Jan 27, 2015 | Mentor Graphics and Key Industry Partners Align Analysis Tools, Methodologies, Models, and Reference Designs.

Mentor Graphics Announces 25th Annual PCB Technology Leadership Awards Winners

Dec 10, 2014 | Continuing its tradition of promoting and recognizing printed circuit board (PCB) design excellence, Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced the winners of its 25th annual PCB Technology Leadership Awards. Started in 1988, this program is the longest running competition of its kind in the electronic design automation (EDA) industry. It recognizes engineers and designers who use innovative methods and design tools to address today’s complex PCB systems design challenges and produce industry-leading products.

Mentor Graphics Announces Xpedition System Designer for Comprehensive Multi-board Systems Developmen

Oct 28, 2014 | Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT)today announced its newest offering and key building block in the Xpedition® platform, the Xpedition Systems Designer product for multi-board systems connectivity. The Xpedition Systems Designer product captures the hardware description of multi-board systems, from logical system definition down to the individual PCBs, automating multi-level system design synchronization processes to ensure team collaboration with accuracy and faster design productivity.

Mentor Graphics Launches New Xpedition Data Management Design Solution to Ensure Flow-Wide PCB Data

Jul 23, 2014 | Mentor Graphics today announced its next offering in the new Xpedition® platform, the Xpedition Data Management (xDM) product suite. The xDM Design product suite provides a flow-wide information hub that manages the PCB design data that is created, reused, imported, or released from the Mentor Graphics® Xpedition Enterprise platform.

Mentor Graphics Expands Automotive Portfolio, Acquires XS Embedded

Jul 09, 2014 | Mentor Graphics Corporation today announced the acquisition of XS Embedded GmbH (XSe), a technology leader in the creation of automotive system architectures and hardware reference platforms. Mentor is now well positioned to address the cross-functional collaboration needs required to address the trends towards integration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Information and Infotainment domains.

Mentor Graphics Launches Xpedition Path Finder Suite for Efficient IC/Package/PCB Design Optimization

Jun 12, 2014 | Mentor Graphics Launches Xpedition Path Finder Suite for Efficient IC/Package/PCB Design Optimization, Assembly, and Visualization

Xpedition™ Path Finder helps IC packaging and PCB co-design teams visualize and optimize complex single or multi-chip packages integrating silicon on board platforms. It can drastically reduce the cost of the package and PCB, while enabling better control of the design process.

Mentor Graphics acquires Mecel Picea AUTOSAR Development Suite

Jan 31, 2014 | Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced it has strengthened its automotive software solution by purchasing the AUTOSAR assets, including the Mecel Picea AUTOSAR Development Suite, from Mecel AB.

Mentor Graphics announces GENIVI 5.0 Compliant Linux-based Automotive Technology Platform to bring consumer electronics experiences to IVI systems

Jan 15, 2014 | Mentor Graphics Corporation today announced the availability of the latest release of its Mentor Embedded Automotive Technology Platform (ATP) for Linux based in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system development.

Mentor Graphics Introduces New Valor Supply Chain Tools for Electronics Manufacturing

Oct 31, 2013 | Mentor Graphics today announced the Valor® Information Highway and the Valor Warehouse Management products, two supply chain-focused tools designed to enhance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) effectiveness and assist electronics manufacturers in reducing material costs.

Enterprise Data eXchange (EDX) Established to Ensure Safe, Secure Data Sharing Between PCB Design Teams and the Enterprise

Mar 27, 2013 | The Enterprise Data eXchange (or EDX) Solutions Alliance was established today to provide an open industry forum for the broad adoption of its new standard, EDX. EDX is a new and robust data format created to capture PCB-related IP in a standard form for safe and secure data-sharing with enterprise systems and remote third parties.

Mentor Graphics Empowers 32-bit Microcontroller Development with Connectivity and a Small Footprint Binary RTOS with Nucleus SmartFit

Mar 18, 2013 | Mentor Graphics Corporation announced the Nucleus® SmartFit product, a cost-effective, binary version of the Nucleus RTOS (real time operating system) optimized to fit the limited internal memory of 32-bit MCUs. The Nucleus SmartFit product also includes Sourcery™ CodeBench development tools and provides developers with broad connectivity and power consumption options for developing products based on 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs).

Mentor Graphics Expands Automotive Linux Infotainment Business

Feb 25, 2013 | Mentor Graphics has expanded its automotive business unit by purchasing certain assets from MontaVista, LLC. This establishes Mentor Graphics as the number one commercial provider of Linux®-based automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solutions.

Pure Turns to Mentor Graphics to Develop an Innovative User Interface for its Pure Avalon 300R HD Digital TV Recorder

Feb 13, 2013 | Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced that Pure, part of Imagination Technologies, has used Mentor Graphics® UI technology and services to create the Pure Avalon 300R Connect Freeview+ HD Digital TV Recorder 3D user interface (UI). Pure has succeeded in developing a 3D graphical UI for the Avalon 300R that has received top industry product reviews.

Mentor Graphics Announces New HyperLynx Technology with Advanced 3D Channel and Trace Modeling, Superior Accuracy and Fastest Simulation Performance

Feb 01, 2013 | Mentor Graphics announced the newest release of its market-leading HyperLynx® product for superior high-speed design and analysis. Key features in the new HyperLynx product release include advanced 3D channel and trace modeling, improved DDR signoff verification, and accelerated simulation performance—up to 5X faster.

Mentor Embedded Expands Commercial Linux Development Tools for Freescale QorIQ Devices Based on the Yocto Project

Jan 08, 2013 | Mentor Graphics announced expanded embedded Linux development support for Freescale QorIQ devices with the Mentor® Embedded Linux® and Sourcery™ CodeBench products. Embedded developers can make use of a commercially supported Linux solution that incorporates the recent release of Freescale’s QorIQ software development kits (SDKs) which are compatible with Yocto Project 1.2.

Mentor Graphics Enables Smart Device Development for M2M Applications with Support for Zero Configuration Networking

Dec 20, 2012 | Mentor Graphics announced a solution to design network-based devices for machine-to-machine (M2M) and smart energy applications with the latest release of the Mentor® Embedded Nucleus® Real Time Operating System (RTOS) platform.Nucleus RTOS.

Mentor Embedded Accelerates High-Performance Signal and Image Processing Application Development with Support for MATLAB and ARM Platforms

Dec 10, 2012 | Mentor Graphics announced the availability of its latest Mentor® Embedded Sourcery™ VSIPL++ product. The Sourcery VSIPL++ product adds support for ARM v7 Cortex A with NEON single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) processing platforms, and an interface to MATLAB® for signal and image processing algorithm conversion.

GENIVI 3.0-Compliant Infotainment Product Available from Mentor Embedded

Nov 19, 2012 | Mentor Graphics announced the availability of a GENIVI 3.0 specification-compliant Linux®- based Infotainment (IVI) product. As the provider of one of the first complete solutions to be registered as compliant with the new specification, Mentor® Embedded software and services continue to be adopted by Tier 1 suppliers to build advanced in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems.

Mentor Graphics Embedded Linux Platform Achieves Yocto Project 1.3 Compatibility

Nov 11, 2012 | Continuing its commitment to open source development, Mentor Graphics announced the newest release of its Yocto Project™ 1.3-compatible Mentor® Embedded Linux platform. With this release, Mentor Graphics furthers its commitment to provide embedded developers with solutions to harness the capabilities of open source technology and to create customized, yet commercially supported, embedded Linux platforms.

Mentor Graphics New Tessent IJTAG Product Automates IP Test and Debug Integration in Large SoC Designs

Nov 06, 2012 | Mentor Graphics announced its new Tessent® IJTAG solution, which allows designers to easily reuse test, monitoring and debugging logic embedded in existing IP blocks. Supporting the IEEE P1687 (IJTAG) standard, the solution automatically retargets test and debug commands and generates an integrated hierarchical control and data network with a single top-level interface for an entire SoC.

Mentor Graphics Announces Next-Generation PADS Flow with Chinese Language Support, Interactive Routing, and Usability Enhancements

Nov 05, 2012 | Mentor Graphics announced the availability of the next-generation PADS® flow with the introduction of PADS 9.5. This release adds usability enhancements, GUI improvements in DxDesigner®, interactive routing updates, and availability in Simplified Chinese language. The scalable PADS 9.5 flow enables users to cost-effectively design their products, from standard PCBs to the industry’s most complex, highest performance, and densest PCBs.

Mentor Graphics Advances Development of High-Performance Multicore Linux-based Embedded Systems

Oct 30, 2012 | Mentor Graphics announced its next generation of Mentor® Embedded Sourcery™ CodeBench and Sourcery Analyzer products. Developers can now accelerate system debugging, including multiple Linux applications concurrently, by quickly and easily visualizing and analyzing complex software systems.

Mentor Graphics Sourcery CodeBench Supports Qualcomm Technologies Hexagon Architecture for Embedded Software Development

Oct 27, 2012 | Mentor Graphics announced that its Mentor® Embedded Sourcery™ CodeBench product supports code generation for the Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI) Hexagon™ DSP architecture for control and signal processing. Mentor Graphics is the first vendor to provide a commercially supported GNU toolchain for the Hexagon DSP architecture, supporting a wide range of embedded applications, including microcontroller, signal processing and control applications, along with commercial services to support this product offering.

Mentor Graphics Announces 24th Annual PCB Technology Leadership Awards Program Winners

Oct 19, 2012 | Mentor Graphics Corporation announced winners of its 24th annual PCB Technology Leadership Awards. Started in 1988, this program is the longest running competition of its kind in the electronic design automation (EDA) industry. It recognizes engineers and designers who use innovative methods and design tools to address today’s complex PCB systems design challenges and produce industry-leading products.

Started in 1988, the Mentor Graphics Technology Leadership Awards program is the longest running competition of its kind in the EDA industry. It recognizes engineers and CAD designers who use Mentor’s innovative technology to address today’s complex PCB systems design challenges and produce industry-leading products.

Mentor Graphics Announces PADS Release Targeting Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) Analysis, High-Speed and Interactive Routing

Mar 07, 2012 | Mentor Graphics announced the latest release of the PADS® product suite, the world’s most widely used desktop PCB design solution. These additional features in the release add significant value to electronics companies as they strive to deliver the most competitive, high-performance products to market faster.

ODB++ Solutions Alliance Established to Support Best Practices in Implementing PCB Design-Through-Manufacturing Flow

Feb 29, 2012 | The ODB++ Solutions Alliance has been established today to provide an open forum for implementers and developers of the ODB++ format, an intelligent, single-data structure for transferring printed circuit board (PCB) designs into fabrication, assembly and test. Introduced in 1995 by Valor Computerized Systems, ODB++ was the industry’s first open format for unified data exchange globally between PCB design and manufacturing companies.

Mentor Graphics Acquires the Flowmaster Group to Provide a Unique Combination of CFD Capabilities

Jan 24, 2012 | Mentor Graphics Corporation has acquired the Flowmaster Group, a global leader in 1D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software for system design. 1D CFD solutions allow for very rapid engineering design of complex fluid flow network systems like water-cooled electronic racks, automotive vehicle thermal management, and aerospace fuel systems. This acquisition consolidates the position of Mentor Graphics as the first EDA company to move into the adjacent Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) mechanical analysis space.

Mentor Graphics Enhances Manufacturing Execution Software with Business Intelligence

Oct 18, 2011 | Mentor Graphics announced the Valor® MSS Business Intelligence (BI) product suite. This new product allows management of PCB assembly lines to obtain reports and analysis of the quality, asset utilization and materials

Valor MSS Business Intelligence gives managers of PCB assembly lines access to the right crucial information to make the best business decisions for higher manufacturing performance and lower cost. Highly visual information via dashboards, alerts and automated reports providing easy analysis of performance, traceability, quality, and the utilization of equipment and materials.

Valor Materials Manager Software from Mentor Graphics Wins a 2010 Global Technology Award

Oct 26, 2010 | Mentor Graphics Corporation today announced that it has received a 2010 Global Technology Award in the category of software for the Valor® Materials Manager software product.

Mentor Graphics Signs Exclusive Global Agreement with Automotive Supplier Magneti Marelli

Jul 16, 2010 | Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT), today announced the signing of an exclusive, worldwide agreement with automotive electronics systems and components provider, Magneti Marelli. Valor, a division of Mentor and a global provider of productivity improvement software across the printed circuit board manufacturing supply chain, will supply its vManage™ solutions for traceability of the entire production process, from the screen printer to the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) component placement machine at the company’s multiple global locations.

Autoliv Upgrades to Mentor Graphics Valor vPlan Software for Machine Programming

Jun 21, 2010 | WILSONVILLE, OR – The Valor Division of Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced that Autoliv has upgraded to the Valor® vPlan™ process engineering tools. Autoliv, a worldwide leader in automotive safety, is a global supplier of electronic automotive safety components.

Mentor Graphics Announces OEM Worldwide’s Purchase and Implementation of Valor Software Solutions

May 26, 2010 | Wilsonville, OR - Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced that OEM Worldwide, an electronics contract manufacturer for medical, telecom and industrial markets, purchased its printed circuit board assembly software management solutions at the IPC/APEX Expo, held from April 6-8, 2010 in Las Vegas.

Craig Green, CEO of OEM Worldwide (left), purchased the Valor software solutions from Dan Hoz (right), general manager of the Valor Division of Mentor Graphics at the IPC/APEX Expo 2010.

Valor, a Division of Mentor Graphics, Releases Major New Functionality in the vSure DFM Product

May 20, 2010 | Wilsonville, OR, - Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT), the market and technology leader in printed circuit board (PCB) design solutions, today announced the release of the vSure™ version 9.0 product, the successor of Valor Enterprise 3000™ Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) product. The enhancements in this release enable designers to more easily perform extensive DFM analysis during the PCB design process, thus improving their productivity, avoiding costly design re-spins, and speeding the time to target high-volume production.

Valor MSS Software Suite for PCB Assembly from Mentor Graphics Wins a 2010 Innovation Award

Apr 22, 2010 | NEPCON China 2010, Shanghai, China - Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced that it has received the EMAsia Innovation Award for the Valor® MSS manufacturing systems solution suite for PCB assembly in the Software/Production Management Systems category. Mentor’s Valor Division was formerly Valor Computerized Systems, Ltd. The award was presented to the company during an April 21, 2010 ceremony that took place at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center during NEPCON China 2010.

Mentor Graphics Acquires Valor Computerized Systems, Ltd.

Mar 22, 2010 | WILSONVILLE, Ore. — Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT), the market and technology leader in electronic design automation (EDA) and systems analysis solutions, today announced completion of the acquisition of Valor Computerized Systems, Ltd. for net consideration valued at about $50 million.

Mentor Graphics and Valor Sign Definitive Merger Agreement

Oct 14, 2009 | WILSONVILLE, Ore. and YAVNE, Israel, October 13, 2009 — Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) and Valor Computerized Systems, Ltd. (Prime Standard: VCR) announced today that the two companies have signed a definitive merger agreement for Mentor Graphics to acquire Valor.

Mentor Graphics Announces Nucleus Platform Media Player for Rapid Delivery of Multimedia Applications

Oct 29, 2008 | WILSONVILLE, Ore., October 27, 2008 � Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) today announced availability of the Nucleus� Platform Media Player, a multimedia application reference design which enables the rapid development of differentiated multimedia devices such as portable media players (PMP), personal navigation devices (PND), mobile internet devices (MID), mobile phones, digital picture frames and in-car entertainment systems. Based on the Nucleus Operating System (OS), a powerful user interface (UI) engine, and a full complement of development tools, this customizable reference platform accelerates multimedia product development while minimizing memory footprint and development costs.

Mentor Graphics and PTC Deliver Industry's First Bi-Directional ECAD�MCAD Collaboration Capability

Sep 21, 2008 | WILSONVILLE, Ore., September 18, 2008� Mentor Graphics Corporation, (NASDAQ: MENT), the market and technology leader in printed circuit board (PCB) design solutions, today announced delivery of the industry's first design collaboration capability between Electrical (ECAD) and Mechanical (MCAD) design solutions enabling teams to use this solution from the design inception to the manufacturing process. Based on the ProSTEP iViP Association-approved electromechanical interchange standard whose development was initiated and driven by Mentor, Mentor Graphics' ECAD-MCAD Collaborator product enables bi-directional, digital communication of incremental design changes and automates the review and approval processes between the respective domains.

Mentor Graphics and a Partner on DO-254

Aug 22, 2008 | San Jose, Calif. and Wilsonville, Ore., August 19, 2008�Supporting the growing number of avionics and military applications requiring DO-254-certifiable components, a Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) and Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced the companies are working together to develop tools and methodologies for use in creating DO-254-certifiable intellectual property (IP) that targets a's field programmable gate array (FPGA) and HardCopy� application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) solutions. As part of this announcement, Mentor will join a's DO-254 Global Partner Network in order to establish design and verification best practices for DO 254-certifiable IP development and integration flows.

Mentor Consulting Slashes Time-to-Mask at Dongbu HiTek with Optimized Calibre Flow

Jul 24, 2008 | WILSONVILLE, Ore., July 22, 2008 � Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT)today announced that its consulting division has successfully completed an engagement at Dongbu HiTek, resulting in a 50 percent reduction in tape-to-mask turnaround time (TAT) while maintaining consistent manufacturing quality and yield.

Mentor Graphics Achieves Industry-First OpenMAX Conformance for Nucleus OS Multimedia Framework

Jul 19, 2008 | WILSONVILLE, Ore., July 16, 2008 � Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT)today announced that the Nucleus� Operating System (OS) Multimedia Framework (MMF) has passed OpenMAX� IL conformance testing on the Atmel AT91SAM9261 platform, making it the first commercial OS to achieve such platform conformance validation awarded by the Khronos� Group. Reaching this industry milestone promotes easier porting of multimedia components to the Nucleus OS, speeding up design and delivery of multimedia applications.

Mentor Graphics Publishes New Technology Book On BGA Routing by Charles Pfeil

Jun 26, 2008 | WILSONVILLE, Ore., June 26, 2008 � Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) today announced the publication of a new book written by Charles Pfeil, engineering director of Mentor�s Systems Design Division, entitled BGA Breakouts and Routing, Effective Design Methods for Very Large BGA.

Mentor Graphics RocketIO Design Kit for HyperLynx Simplifies Simulation of Xilinx Multi-Gigabit Designs

Jul 08, 2003 | The RocketIO Design Kit for HyperLynx ensures system design companies reach their time-to-market goals

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