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SIPLACE: Successful Productronica 2013 trade show

Nov 25, 2013 | The Productronica 2013 show was another great success for the SIPLACE team of ASM Assembly Systems. The technology leader registered an increase of roughly 25 percent in booth visitors and concrete inquiries - part of the reason why it was able to sign concrete deals at the show.prospective customers from Eastern Europe.

ASM Assembly Systems registered an increase of roughly 25 percent in booth visitors and concrete inquiries – part of the reason why it was able to sign concrete deals at the show.

Lengths of up to 910 mm: SIPLACE SX sets new placement standards for unusual board sizes

Mar 11, 2011 | With options for long boards, heavy boards and thick boards, the SIPLACE Team is already offering a wide range of placement solutions for boards with unusual dimensions. Electronics manufacturers who use the SIPLACE SX1 or SIPLACE SX2 can now extend the range even further: With the SIPLACE Long Board 910 functionality they are now able for the first time to populate boards that are up to 910 mm (35.8 inches) long in a single, continuous placement process.

Even unusually long PCBs with dimensions of up to 910 x 560 mm can be processed in SIPLACE SX1 and SIPLACE SX2 machines.

SIPLACE team becomes ASM Assembly Systems

Jan 10, 2011 | Following approvals received from antitrust authorities and shareholders, ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. (ASMPT), a Hong Kong-listed company, officially concluded its acquisition of Siemens AG’s SMT placement machine activities on January 7, 2011. The SIPLACE team with its approximately 1,200 members worldwide will be integrated into the ASMPT group as a business unit under the name "ASM Assembly Systems".

Günter Lauber, CEO of the global SIPLACE team,is glad about the merger:

Global SIPLACE customer survey: New SIPLACE SX platform has a positive impact on customer satisfaction

Dec 13, 2010 | SIPLACE with headquarters in Munich, Germany, recently presented the results of its latest customer satisfaction analysis. Positive assessments rose disproportionately in Asia and southwest Europe. The numbers are particularly impressive in the area of customer loyalty: for over 90 percent of the SIPLACE customers surveyed, the industry’s innovation and technology leader will continue with their supplier of choice for future investment decisions.

Gabriela Reckewerth, Global SIPLACE Marketing Director

Radarsensor manufacturer InnoSenT produces on SIPLACE SX equipment

Sep 22, 2010 | High demands on quality in development production

Fundacao CERTI Invests in SIPLACE SX Technology

Sep 22, 2010 | SIPLACE, the innovations and technology leader in providing groundbreaking solutions to the electronics manufacturing industry, announces that Fundacao CERTI based in Florianopolis Brazil, has invested in a SIPLACE SX line of equipment.

NOTE UK leading the way in Package on Package through Siplace technology

Jun 23, 2010 | Siplace presented a solution to NOTE satisfying their wide ranging needs

Siegfried Neubauer returns to SIPLACE headquarters

Jun 23, 2010 | After more than seven years, SIPLACE head of Asian operations Siegfried Neubauer (46) returns to the headquarters of Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG (SEAS) in Munich.

Automotive supplier AW Europe invests in new SMT lines

Jun 23, 2010 | SIPLACE SX wins the deal with scalable on-demand placement performance

SIPLACE and Mentor Graphics cooperate to deliver state of the art integration value

Jun 18, 2010 | New SIPLACE Operations Information Broker (OIB)

SIPLACE participates in industry recovery

Jun 18, 2010 | Successful SMT/Hybrid/Packaging show

New setup concept: Siplace Split Table Mode

Jun 10, 2010 | Virtual component tables enable product changeovers with no downtown

Siplace Software Suite supports build-to-order in electronics production

Jun 10, 2010 | Siplace Software Suite maps all areas of SMT production as transparent, consistent process.

Televés invests in innovative SIPLACE line

May 21, 2010 | Televés invested once again in a new SMT production line consisting of the latest SIPLACE SX2 and SIPLACE CA machines

Getting a handle on warehouse and inventory management

May 14, 2010 | Sensor manufacturer VEGA implements SIPLACE Facts

Interview with Ray Bruce, head of the global SIPLACE CRM organization

May 11, 2010 | "Emerging from the crisis with innovations and build-to-order" The signs of a recovery in electronics manufacturing are intensifying. For Ray Bruce, head of the global SIPLACE CRM organization, and his team, the goal is now to arrive at the right short-term and medium-term conclusions from the changes. Bruce also believes that manufacturers are now called upon to develop and support new production concepts.

Ray Bruce, head of the global SIPLACE CRM organization:

Honored by experts, valued by customers: SIPLACE SX is a hit at NEPCON Shanghai

May 11, 2010 | SIPLACE can add two more major awards to its trophy cabinet for the SIPLACE SX-Series. At the Nepcon Shanghai 2010 trade show in China the SIPLACE team was honored with the EM Innovation Award and the SMT China Vision Award.

Mr. Wong Kin Keong (middle), Sales General Manager of SEAS China, receives the SMT China Vison Award during the ceremony held at Nepcon Shanghai on April 20th.

New SIPLACE import function for irregular BGAs

May 11, 2010 | To help electronics manufacturers be more productive and successful, the high complexity of the various steps in the SMT process chain requires that all participants develop innovative solutions jointly and as early as possible so that workflows can be simplified and improved.

Programming of irregular BGAs’ off-line at the external SIPLACE Vision Teach Station

SIEMENS Booth at APEX 2010 records 50% more visitors

May 11, 2010 | The IPC APEX EXPO™ 2010 Conference and Exhibition marked its 10 year anniversary with a sizable increase in overall attendance numbers up by 10% over last year. The SIEMENS booth surpassed all expectations with a 50% increase in visitors compared to the previous year.

The SIPLACE SX live gantry upgrade demonstration was the main attraction on the show floor

SMT/Hybrid/Packaging 2010

May 04, 2010 | After the highly successful introduction of its SIPLACE SX1 and SX2 placement machines featuring swappable gantries (“Capacity-on-Demand”), Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems will unveil the new SIPLACE SX4 at the SMT/Hybrid/Packaging trade show in Nuremberg, Germany (June 6-8, 2010; Hall 7, Booth 204).

At the SMT/Hybrid/Packaging the SIPLACE team will present the new SIPLACE SX4 and its trailblazing “Peak Demand” and “Floating Demand” rent-a-gantry business models.

5th "Deep Dive" SMT Seminar

Apr 29, 2010 | SIPLACE CA combines die-bonding and SMT placement to meet current trends in packaging of integrated circuits

Nepcon Shanghai 2010 a great success

Apr 28, 2010 | SIPLACE SX wins two more awards and receives excellent feedback

APEX Proves to be a positive showcase for SIPLACE

Apr 28, 2010 | Attendees captivated with the SIPLACE SX scalable machine architecture

The new SIPLACE SX: Groundbreaking capacity-on-demand business models for “breathing” electronics production.

Mar 27, 2010 | With its technical innovations, its gantries that can be exchanged within minutes and the SIPLACE Multistar CPP placement head with its very large component spectrum, the SIPLACE SX placement platform sets new standards in electronics production. Beyond these more technical aspects, the capacity-on-demand concept of the SX Series uses "Rent-a-Gantry" to open the door to groundbreaking new business models, which are becoming increasingly important for electronics manufacturers in today’s business environment.

With the SIPLACE capacity-on-demand business models “Peak Demand” and “Floating Demand

SIPLACE Feeder Manager: Feeder pool transparency lowers costs

Mar 24, 2010 | The SIPLACE software solution provides all the features they need: inventory management and localization, maintenance cycle and repair cost monitoring, as well as feeder status and history reports. With the help of this software, electronics manufacturers can now optimize their feeder inventory, organize their preventive feeder maintenance and keep accurate records of each feeder’s maintenance and repair history.

The SIPLACE Feeder Manager enables companies to tie up less capital in their feeder pool and significantly reduces their maintenance and repair process costs.

"Rent-a-Gantry" SIPLACE SX makes new Capacity on Demand business models possible

Mar 24, 2010 | Real capacity on demand requires that capacity can not only be added quickly, but also be reduced with a great deal of flexibility when it is no longer needed. That’s why SIPLACE’s new business models, which permit the short-term and intermediate-term renting of replaceable gantries, raise so much interest among electronics manufacturers. Under the general term "Rent-a-Gantry", SIPLACE offers two capacity-on-demand business models for meeting the customer’s specific needs.

The Rent-a-Gantry models for peak demand and floating demand are exceptionally attractive options that provide electronics manufacturers with new answers to the demands of an increasingly unpredictable and often highly volatile market.

SIPLACE Performs Live Gantry Upgrade Demonstration at APEX

Mar 24, 2010 | The SIPLACE Team will showcase their latest "Capacity on Demand" concept by performing a live gantry upgrade demonstration with their new SIPLACE SX placement machine at APEX in Booth #2011. Visitors will be drawn to the new and unique features of the SIPLACE SX whereby exchangeable gantries can be installed or uninstalled in a matter of minutes. Visitors will also be pleasantly surprised to see the many new cost-saving business models now available resulting from the SIPLACE SX full gantry modularity design and "Capacity on Demand" concept.

New SIPLACE SX placement system

SIPLACE Operations Information Broker (OIB): Efficient software integration across the entire SMT process chain

Mar 10, 2010 | The new version of its SIPLACE OIB (Operations Information Broker), Siemens Electronics Assembly System (SEAS) now offers an optimized multi-vendor integration platform for electronics production.

With SIPLACE OIB, applications from different vendors can exchange data with each other in order to completely and transparently map the SMT process chains in heterogeneous IT infrastructures.

APEX 2010: Siemens introduces new SIPLACE SX with Capacity on Demand

Feb 12, 2010 | Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems (SEAS) will present its new SIPLACE SX placement platform with real Capacity on Demand at this year’s APEX trade show in Las Vegas (April 6-8, Booth #2011). This totally new concept gives electronics manufacturers the capability to invest either in feeder capacity or placement performance, because the SIPLACE SX is the world's first placement machine with total gantry modularity, a new technology that puts an end to expensive line reconfigurations.

New SIPLACE Feeder Manager 2.0: More capacity utilization for SMT lines

Feb 12, 2010 | The new version 2.0 of the SIPLACE Feeder Manager from Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems delivers professional feeder management with inventory management, maintenance cycle and repair cost monitoring as well as feeder status and history reports.

SIPLACE records noticeable increase in investments in placement machines

Feb 12, 2010 | The signs of a recovery in the electronics manufacturing industry are mounting. Market analyses and the latest order bookings of Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG (SEAS) show that the investment activities in the SMT industry are finally on the rise again.

The SIPLACE SX Road Show ends with outstanding results

Feb 04, 2010 | Over 200 visitors experienced live gantry upgrade demonstrations

The SIPLACE SX Road Show Moves on to Toronto, Canada

Jan 22, 2010 | The SIPLACE Team completed its SIPLACE SX Road Show in Orlando, Florida in December 2009. Over the past three months the SIPLACE Team has performed more than 100 live gantry upgrade demonstrations in four cities in Mexico and the United States. Many customers came to see the SIPLACE SX first hand.

The SIPLACE SX Road Show Moves on to Canada in the New Year

Jan 08, 2010 | Live Gantry Upgrade Demonstrations

Metz, Germany, invests in SIPLACE SX line

Dec 14, 2009 | To this day, owner-operated Metz develops and manufactures its products in Zirndorf, Germany – for Metz an important guarantor of consistently high quality “made in Germany”. In line with this motto, Metz decided to invest in a new SIPLACE SX placement machine line to expand its production capacities. In addition to the quality provided by the SIPLACE equipment, Metz based its decision on solid financial factors, because in a direct comparison the SIPLACE SX offered better cost-of-ownership and more flexibility for future production adjustments than competitors’ products.

Setup with SIPLACE SiCluster Professional

Dec 14, 2009 | More efficient setups lead to higher productivity

Metz, Germany, invests in SIPLACE SX Line

Dec 14, 2009 | For a successful future: Low cost of ownership

C3Teknoloji named new SIPLACE sales partner in Turkey

Dec 07, 2009 | To expand its sales and service activities in Turkey, the global SIPLACE team has selected C3Teknoloji, a strong partner with lots of experience in the region.

Setup with SIPLACE SiCluster Professional: More efficient setups lead to higher productivity

Dec 05, 2009 | With its SIPLACE SiCluster Professional optimization software, Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems GmbH & Co.KG (SEAS) expands its wide-ranging portfolio of intelligent setup strategies for electronics manufacturing. In addition to combining products into setup families (clusters), SIPLACE SiCluster Professional is the first program that determines any component overlaps in these family setups. It groups these shared components on "constant component tables", which remain on the machine during setup changeovers, thus saving a significant amount of time.

The SIPLACE SX Road Show Moves to Orlando, Florida

Nov 30, 2009 | Live Gantry Upgrade Demonstrations Continue to Draw Industry Attention

The SIPLACE Team Receives 2009 Global Technology Award for SIPLACE SX Platform

Nov 17, 2009 | SIPLACE SX winner for 2009 category Pick & Place High-Volume

The new SIPLACE SX Road Show is traveling across Mexiko, Canada and the U.S.

Nov 01, 2009 | The SIPLACE Team is so confident in its new affordable SIPLACE SX concept of "Real Capacity on Demand" that they have taken to the road in the Americas to spread the word. The SIPLACE team is performing live gantry upgrade demonstrations at record breaking speeds. The team is revealing how quickly and easily you can add placement performance to a line without influencing feeder capacity or line length; how easily placement capacity can be moved from one line to another; and how easily feeder capacity can be added without the cost of adding an entire new machine.

SIPLACE SiCluster Professional – Setup optimization that’s top-of-the-line

Nov 01, 2009 | SIPLACE SiCluster Professional is the latest software tool in the family of proven SIPLACE setup optimization systems. It groups components and uses this information to propose optimized setups. The highlight of the new version: for a fixed product spectrum, the software defines so-called constant tables which remain unchanged and in the same position at the placement machine for the entire setup family.

SIPLACE SX Road Show Moves on to Juarez, Mexico

Oct 30, 2009 | Live Gantry Upgrade Demonstrations Continue to Exhilarate Visitors

Visitors Wowed at SIPLACE SX Road Show

Oct 15, 2009 | Live Gantry Upgrade Demonstrations Prove SIPLACE Strength in Innovation

Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems Moves to a New Expanded Complex

Sep 22, 2009 | Siemens increases capabilities with 29,000 square foot new facility

The SIPLACE SX Road Show Begins

Sep 16, 2009 | Live Gantry Upgrade at World Record Speed

Siemens Launches SIPLACE SX Road Show

Aug 26, 2009 | SIPLACE SX goes on the road in the Americas

SIPLACE Facts: Software integration and process improvements deliver significant cost benefits in SMT production for ebm-papst

Aug 25, 2009 | bm-papst, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fans, has implemented the SIPLACE Facts manufacturing execution system (MES) from Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems GmbH (SEAS) at its plant in Mulfingen, Germany.

New SIPLACE Efficiency and Process Training

Aug 05, 2009 | New SIPLACE Training

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