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Business Industrial Network

Offers training software and videos. Also, on-site training that qualify for CEUs to maintenance, engineering, and management professionals.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Consultant, Publication or Online Resource, Service Provider, Software Manufacturer, Training Provider

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New Samples of PLC Simulations

May 03, 2021 | New samples of PLC simulations in online PLC programming certificate course added.

BIN releases new free online Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation Game

Aug 09, 2020 | Business Industrial Network releases its new free online highly interactive electrical troubleshooting simulation game. More realistic scenarios than other simulators and games. It even incorporates the official 6 step LockOut - TagOut safety steps. Work on most devices.

New Free Online Electrical Troubleshooting Simulator

Feb 21, 2019 | BIN's subsidiary releases a free online electrical troubleshooting game (web browser app). Unlike others, this training app includes the official 6 step Lockout Tagout safety procedure training, also includes environmental and intermittent simulated electrical faults and allows you to use all 5 senses to troubleshoot!

BIN Acquires Koldwater Software, an Electrical Controls Training Software Company

Oct 29, 2015 | St. Louis, MO--St. Louis based Business Industrial Network ( announced today that it has acquired Koldwater Software Co. (

New Free PLC Networking Basics Course

Feb 10, 2014 | New interactive youtube video course. This little mini video course on "PLC Networking Basics" uses a Controllogix and WiFi" has an associated free powerpoint and a free online assessment.

Becoming an Industrial Electrician

Apr 01, 2009 | Residential Electricians Find Ready Industrial Career Pathway in Road to Becoming an Industrial Electrician.

Smart Training Opens More Doors

How the US Manufacturing Industry Deals with Recession

Jan 14, 2009 | US Manufacturing Industry to adjust for the knowledge vacuum caused by retiring baby boomers with training, while dealing with tight budgets during a recession.

Denver Technology Center Area's New PLC Training Workshop

Jun 18, 2008 | Business Industrial Network (BIN) opens a new venue for their eighth year running PLC training workshops. Their newest location venue is Denver Colorado's acclaimed Denver Technology Center area.

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