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Business Industrial Network

Offers training software and videos. Also, on-site training that qualify for CEUs to maintenance, engineering, and management professionals.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Consultant / Service Provider, Media / Publisher / Online Resource, Training Provider

  • Phone 702-625-7715

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New Free Industrial Training Apps

Aug 20, 2021 | BIN95 introduces two new free online apps to aid in training maintenance and manufacturing operators. The Industrial Maintenance Technician's Guide and the Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting app.

New Samples of PLC Simulations

May 03, 2021 | New samples of PLC simulations in online PLC programming certificate course added.

BIN releases new free online Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation Game

Aug 09, 2020 | Business Industrial Network releases its new free online highly interactive electrical troubleshooting simulation game. More realistic scenarios than other simulators and games. It even incorporates the official 6 step LockOut - TagOut safety steps. Work on most devices.

New Free Online Electrical Troubleshooting Simulator

Feb 21, 2019 | BIN's subsidiary releases a free online electrical troubleshooting game (web browser app). Unlike others, this training app includes the official 6 step Lockout Tagout safety procedure training, also includes environmental and intermittent simulated electrical faults and allows you to use all 5 senses to troubleshoot!

BIN Acquires Koldwater Software, an Electrical Controls Training Software Company

Oct 29, 2015 | St. Louis, MO--St. Louis based Business Industrial Network ( announced today that it has acquired Koldwater Software Co. (

New Free PLC Networking Basics Course

Feb 10, 2014 | New interactive youtube video course. This little mini video course on "PLC Networking Basics" uses a Controllogix and WiFi" has an associated free powerpoint and a free online assessment.

Becoming an Industrial Electrician

Apr 01, 2009 | Residential Electricians Find Ready Industrial Career Pathway in Road to Becoming an Industrial Electrician.

Smart Training Opens More Doors

How the US Manufacturing Industry Deals with Recession

Jan 14, 2009 | US Manufacturing Industry to adjust for the knowledge vacuum caused by retiring baby boomers with training, while dealing with tight budgets during a recession.

Denver Technology Center Area's New PLC Training Workshop

Jun 18, 2008 | Business Industrial Network (BIN) opens a new venue for their eighth year running PLC training workshops. Their newest location venue is Denver Colorado's acclaimed Denver Technology Center area.

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