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ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited professional in Surface-Mount Technology area and supports most major brands of electronic asembly equipments with a large selections of compatible SMT.

Shenzhen, China

Consultant / Service Provider, Distributor, Equipment Dealer / Broker / Auctions, Manufacturer

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How to register a Juki customized nozzle on your KE1070L Pick and Place machine

Sep 14, 2018 | A few weeks ago, one Argentina Customer told me that the have a component MPX6400, their JUKI KE1070L regular nozzles can't pick up it, whether we could make customized nozzle for him. Of course, we confirmed other regular nozzles his machine use,which is JUKI 506 nozzle, this information could help to confirm the base of customized nozzle.Then ZK Electronic Technology's factory according to size of MPX6400, made a suitable nozzle and sent to customer.

Help customer solve problems of 750L machine

Jul 21, 2017 | May because of I'm in this area more than 4 years, I have some new feelings when my customers come across a problem. A Spain customer purchase a used JUKI 750L machine from another customer of mine recently, and they recommend he purchase feeders and some other parts from me.

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