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Assembléon Introduced A-Series Hybrid in Europe at Productronica

Nov 27, 2011

Assembléon's A-Series Hybrid: a single machine solution for high speed chip shooting and flip chip bonding.

Assembléon's A-Series Hybrid: a single machine solution for high speed chip shooting and flip chip bonding.

Assembléon has shown its new A-Series Hybrid pick & place machine for the first time in Europe at Productronica in Munich, Germany (Booth A2 477, November 15-18). The A-Series Hybrid introduces Assembléon’s proven parallel placement technique to applications like embedding components into substrates, flip-chip bonding and stacking for module (SiP/MCM) manufacturing.

Parallel placement uses Assembléon’s exclusive programmable real-time closed-loop placement force control and continuous component alignment monitoring. This is essential for placing fragile devices accurately at full production speed while preventing common industry issues like (micro)cracking that are caused by uncontrolled placement processes. It is essential, too, for producing defect-free substrates holding over 30,000 components or for placing devices in narrow substrate cavities where there is no chance of rework.

Carrying miniaturization a stage further

A steep increase in the number of passive components (capacitors, resistors, inductors) in the latest designs of devices like smart phones is leading to the next step for freeing up PCB space: placing components in rather than on the PCB. This application is a growing one for Europe’s substrates manufacturers.

The A-Series Hybrid can place flip chips and (micro) BGAs to an accuracy and repeatability within 10 microns at a record speed of 2,500 components per hour (cph) per single placement head. Placement speeds can even be increased to 3,500 cph per head at accuracies of 25 micron, while passives are placed at 8,000 cph at 40 micron.

The first A-Series Hybrid model can carry up to three specialized Twin Placement Robots (TPR), holding two heads per robot for a total flip chip bonding speed of 15,000 placements per hour per machine. The A-Series Hybrid can also carry conventional placement robots for chip shooting passives as small as 01005 (0402M metric coding).  In fact, a single Hybrid machine can be configured with any combination of robots for passives or dies depending on the needs of the specific application. Up to embedding components into substrates.

Reducing production and investment costs

Patrick Huberts, product manager for the A-Series Hybrid, explains: “Where different equipment is currently used in the industry to place passives, chips and known good dies, this can now be done on a single machine. The A-Series Hybrid is a true single machine solution, reducing production and investment costs for manufacturers. And our proven parallel placement technique improves the quality of end products, too. Our Hybrid increases a manufacturer’s flexibility by increasing the variety of different types of components placed by one machine. That also optimizes the use of valuable floor space.”

Industry’s highest first-pass-yield with a controlled pick & place process

The A-Series Hybrid uses real-time closed-loop pick & place for bare die and similar products. During the controlled linear robot movement, the machine continuously monitors the position of the parts before mounting them with a programmable placement force which can be as low as 0.5 Newton. 100% undamaged components are assured by totally eliminating impact forces, controlled by the advanced board collision detection mechanism. This all results in the industry’s highest first-pass-yield with board quality defect levels lower than 10 dpm to eliminate waste, rework and defective end products. It also avoids the risks of cracked components or devices, a common problem in back-end and embedded applications.

Assembléon is a world leader in surface-mount pick & place solutions for the electronics industry, designing and manufacturing equipment for the global market. Based in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, Assembléon has an extensive global sales and support network. The company was founded by Royal Philips Electronics.

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