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ECD System to Ship With Heller Ovens

Jan 09, 2002

Heller Industries (Florham Park, NJ), a provider of oven technology, supplies and solutions for electronics manufacturers and assemblers, and ECD Inc. (Milwaukee, OR), a provider of specialized electronic products, announce that ECD's AutoM.O.L.E.�Xpert System can now be shipped as an option with all Heller reflow soldering ovens. This strategic partnership enables customers to plan, setup and verify robust target profiles for optimum printed circuit board (PCB) results with Heller ovens.

The expanded relationship between Heller and ECD combines instrumentation, board processing equipment and software to create a self-profiling oven that reduces setup, changeover and production times up to 75 percent-while improving PCB yield rates. Customizable to oven, paste and end product, the AutoM.O.L.E. Xpert System plans the target profile, sets the oven to meet the target automatically, verifies results by comparing actual to target profile and adjusts the oven's settings automatically.

Compatible with all current Heller operating software, ECD's systems are scheduled to start shipping with Heller ovens in the first quarter of 2002.

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