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SHENMAO to Debut New Pastes & Fluxes at electronica China

Mar 05, 2019

SHENMAO America, Inc. is pleased to announce that it will exhibit at electronica China, scheduled to take place March 20-22, 2019 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The company will showcase its PQ10 series low temperature solder paste, new P250 series solder paste for automobile electronics, PW215 water soluble solder paste, SMF-WC53 water soluble ball-attach flux and solder sphere, and water-based wave soldering flux & water-based cleaner.

PF735-PQ10 Low Temperature Solder Paste

PQ10 series low temperature solder paste is made with the modified Sn/Bi alloy with lower melting point range from 137~142°C to 137~170°C. In comparison with SnAgCu, PQ10 offers reduced peak reflow temperature, energy consumption, and warpage of PCBs and components. In comparison with the Sn42/Bi58 Eutectic alloy, PQ10 series offers better ductility, finer microstructure, and increased drop and thermal reliability.

PF719-P250 New Solder Paste for automobile electronics

P250 series solder paste is designed to reduce voids and improve solderability. With the wide process window, it is ideal for most complicated PCB design. Features include:

  • Zero halogen (No halogen intentionally added)

  • Excellent Voiding Performance

  • Excellent Solderability

  • Prevent head-on-pillow issues

  • Improved insulation reliability

PF719 Thermal Fatigue Resistance Pb-Free Solder Alloy

PF719 provides excellent thermal fatigue reliability. The alloy offers a similar operating temperature window to typical SAC alloys.

PW215 Water Soluble Solder Paste

SHENMAO’s PW215 solder paste is a specially designed water-soluble, zero-halogen, lead-free solder paste. With the wide reflow window, it can easily fit into the process for most complicated SMT or IC assembly substrate designs. PW215 features:

  • Consistent printing performance

  • Low residue

  • Low voiding

  • Long stencil life

  • Excellent testability

SMF-WC53 Water Soluble ball-attach Flux and Solder Sphere

SMF-WC53 Flux is a halogen-free, water-soluble flux designed for use in ball-attach processes. It also works well in printing and transfer applications, and offers excellent solderability on all substrate surface finishes.

Additionally, SHENMAO’s high reliability series solder sphere has excellent thermal and impact reliability. It can be used in a wide range of solder applications with various sizes from 50 to 760 μm.

SM-901W Water-based Wave Soldering Flux & SMCW Series Water-based Cleaner

SM-901W water-based no-clean liquid flux is rosin/resin-free. It is designed for lead-free and tin-lead wave soldering. SM-901W contains low solid contents, including a special organic activator to improve solderability and reduce flux residue.

The SMCW series cleaner is designed to remove flux residues and other smudges. It is the ideal cleaner for the electronics industry.

  • Excellent defluxing performance on power electronics and PCBs

  • Halogen-free

  • Excellent cleaning effect

  • Non-toxic and non-flash point

  • Non-flammable and safe on any cleaning equipment

For more information, please visit SHENMAO is dedicated to the production of solder products including Water Soluble and No-clean Solder Paste, Laser Solder Paste, Solder Preforms, Cored Solder Wire, Wave Solder Bar Alloys, Wave Soldering Fluxes, Extremely Pure Solder Powder up to Type 8, BGA and Micro BGA Solder Sphere, Wafer Level Packaging Solder Paste and Fluxes, LED Die Attach Paste, High Performance Liquid Fluxes, Solder Preform, Solar Ribbon, Plating Anode used in PCB Fabrication, Assembly and Semiconductor Packaging Processes.

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