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Transact More than 3,000 Reels in One Shift

Feb 12, 2021

InoAuto Installation at DELTEC in Germany. Photo by Frank Hübler © 2020

InoAuto Installation at DELTEC in Germany. Photo by Frank Hübler © 2020

Inovaxe offers Smart Storage systems that allow customers to pick reels in as little as four seconds and add reels in less than eight seconds. With a conservative estimate of seven seconds per transaction, this comes out to more than 500 transactions per hour.

Taking travel-time and break-time into account, a typical shift can have about seven hours of useful working time picking and putting away parts. This all adds up to 3,600 transactions per shift!

novaxe makes this possible through its intuitive, easy-to-use and highly efficient InoAuto system. When picking parts, InoAuto selects all required reels, taking FIFO, quantity required, LED binning and any other requirements into account. This allows operators to focus on picking and putting parts away without spending time verifying that each individual reel is correct. Additionally, InoAuto can seamlessly integrate to existing systems, allowing operators to bypass time-consuming and error-prone data entry.

Materials affect every aspect of the manufacturing business, from sales to production. Inovaxe's InoAuto Smart Storage system is designed to bring maximum impact to the entire operation, allowing electronics manufacturers to feel confident in inventory and to streamline operations.

Check out the demo video or schedule a live demo.

For more information about how Inovaxe’s innovative material handling systems and services can improve your inventory accuracy and reduce your labor costs, visit

Inovaxe Corporation is focused on delivering innovative ultra-lean SMART production and inventory management solutions to the electronics industry. The Company’s product offering includes mobile InoAuto Smart carts (IA series), Smart racks (SR series), and Smart stationary racks (SREX series) to store SMT reels, tubes, trays, cut tape and loose parts. We provide a Smart MSD cabinet (IMSD) for moisture sensitive device storage and a Smart stencil rack storage solution (SRS series). We offer an inventory/kitting software management tool (InoView), and InoAuto Locator software for locating components. For more information and a demonstration of Inovaxe product offerings, visit

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